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What does your business need to accomplish? Odds are a sign that can help. The right sign, with your branding, can help you get your brand in front of more people, help get your promotions the attention they deserve, draw in more foot traffic, and so much more. As dedicated sign makers working out of our Chicago sign shop, we can help you with these business goals. The right sign, materials, design, and lighting can all make your message so much more impactful.

Why trust Igna Signs & Graphics?

We offer more than just Chicago printing and signs. We have true expertise in the world of signage and can give you valuable insight that you need about which signs work best in which circumstances. Which materials will work best with your brand identity? How will lighting in your space impact the lighting of your sign in Chicago and the surrounding areas? Should you add your branding to every sign, or are some better left off offering only critical information? Our experts have the answers to your sign questions.

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Colorado Harvest Company Interior Sign

    Indoor Signs

    We offer indoor signs for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re in an office environment, retail, or manufacturing. With our experience and design chops, we can help you select the right sign for your environment and make the most of your design to truly draw in the audience you need, whether it’s customers, clients, guests, or your staff. Learn more about our indoor sign offerings.

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    Outdoor Signs

    If you’re searching for a "signage company near me" or a "sign shop in Chicago", you’ve found it at Igna Signs & Graphics. Trust us for any of your outdoor signs, whether lit or non-lit. We can offer outdoor signs in a wide range of materials, from metal for pole signs to acrylic for dimensional lettering. Not sure which material you want? Reach out to us to discuss your options.

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    Ikea Building Signage
    Custom Car Wrap Chicago

    Vehicle Wraps

    We offer custom wraps for your vehicles in Chicago. Don’t forget that we also perform vehicle wrap and other sign installation. Whether you want to get your graphic rolled onto the vehicle without air bubbles or need to ensure that your channel letter sign is safely mounted to your building, we can help. Don’t undermine a good sign with poor installation. We can do it properly and safely.

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    Custom Signs

    We are a sign company in Chicago that offers premium printing services for any custom sign. Many different kinds of custom options, including post and panel and vinyl signs, need to be printed. We offer high-quality and even photo-realistic printing depending on the material and the design. Talk to us today about our printing services.

    Of all the sign shops in Chicago, choose Igna Signs & Graphics as your custom sign shop, and you won’t be disappointed. We’re dedicated to excellence and customer service, as well as great signs.

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    Custom Signage Chicago - Final Sale
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    Interior Interactive Signs for Business by Igna Signs & Graphics

    Our Chicago Sign Design, Installation Process

    Project Management
    Project Management
    Custom Design
    Expert Fabrication
    Expert Fabrication
    Efficient Installation
    Efficient Installation
    Maintenance & Repair
    & Repair

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    • "If you are looking for a great sign company IGNA SIGN is the best. We just opened our first restaurant in February and they called us within 24 hours on inquiring about a sign. They have been nothing but amazing with the process of getting our sign..."
      Omar M. Omari
    • Did a great job! Got magnets and yard signs look amazing. They stick well too, the picture attached just has it in the window for better viewing while car is parked in parking lot
      Steve Jaworski
    • Lenoy and his team at Igna signs are excellent at what they do. They are creative in the solutions they present to their clients, and really can print anything from door stickers to billboards and trades show material. I would recommend anyone who needs anything printed to go visit Igna.
      Siby Jacob
    • LOVE THIS COMPANY!! See easy to work with! Great designs! In a pinch, they are the ONES!!
      Sue Bazdor
    • Our signs turned out perfectly! IGNA helped with design and service was fast and friendly!
      Tracy Stewart
    • Customer service was fantastic!
      Cole Runkel




    What is a sign company?
    A signage company provides visual communication solutions to various kinds of businesses. Here at Igna Signs & Graphics, we specialize in a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, vehicle, and tradeshow signage. Each project is fully customized according to your branding requirements, marketing goals, building design, environment, budget, and target market’s preferences.
    What company makes signs in Chicago?
    Igna Signs & Graphics is a reputable supplier of high-quality visual marketing tools for companies in Chicago and nearby areas. We pride ourselves on having some of the most talented and passionate sign-makers in the area. As leaders in the industry, you can count on us to give you fully customized solutions that meet your needs.
    What are the different types of signage available to me?
    Igna Signs & Graphics offers a wide array of visual communication tools. Channel letters are one of our most popular outdoor signs because of their many customization options and captivating visual qualities. For indoor signs, we have high-quality lobby signs, floor decals, wall murals, and more. Do you want to convert regular vehicles into moving billboards? You might want to check out our vehicle wraps and graphics as well.
    What is the purpose of a sign?
    Business signs can have different uses for your company. For example, outdoor digital displays can draw more attention to your storefront and invite more customers to enter the establishment. Metal dimensional letters at your reception area cement your brand and welcome guests. If you want to learn more about our other signage products, kindly book a consultation with us today.
    How do I use signage in the workplace?
    There are many ways to utilize signs in your office. Floor graphics are excellent for reinforcing your brand and providing directional cues. Room identification signs indicate the purpose of that area and the people who occupy it. Colorful wall murals help improve the environment in your workspace, making it more conducive to productivity. Talk to us today to learn more.
    How do I choose a signage company?
    Before settling with a sign company, you have to look at their portfolio to better understand their skills and industry expertise. It’s also crucial to ensure that their values align with yours to have a more meaningful and smooth sailing partnership. Igna Signs & Graphics might be your best option in Chicago. Call us today to learn more about how our signage solutions can help your business thrive.
    Why are signs important?
    Business signs are essential investments for all brick-and-mortar facilities. Outdoor signs help reinforce your brand, indicate important business details, and draw more attention to your storefront. Indoor signs promote orderliness, assist in the sales process, heavily advertise your products and services, and help boost employee morale. Tradeshow displays assist your sales team in converting leads and closing deals. Vinyl vehicle signs reach more of your target market, who don’t usually pass by your establishment.
    What do sign makers do in Chicago?
    Many signage suppliers claim to produce high-quality signs but fail to meet the expectations of their clients. Some of them can only print signs, leaving you to figure out the design and installation process on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that if you choose Igna Signs & Graphics as your local signage partner.
    How long does it take to make a sign?
    The timeframe varies depending on several factors, such as the complexity of design, materials used, special installation requirements, dimensions, electrical work, and the time it takes to receive all the proper permits. If you want to learn more about the process regarding a specific sign in mind, please book a consultation with us today.

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