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We immediately think about social media, a professionally designed website, advertisements, and print materials when we consider a marketing strategy. While we are right to think in this manner, we are mistaken in ignoring other aspects of marketing, such as print and digital marketing, which are just as significant.

What does your business need to accomplish? Odds are a sign that can help. The right sign, with your branding, can help you get your brand in front of more people, help get your promotions the attention they deserve, draw in more foot traffic, and so much more. As dedicated sign makers working out of our Chicago sign shop, we can help you with these business goals. The right sign, materials, design, and lighting can all make your message so much more impactful.

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    Indoor Signs

    The best indoor signs will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors by highlighting who you are and what you do. You will create a positive first impression when you use your distinctive branding, including your name and logo, on every sign in your commercial building. And frequently, the first impression is the one that your customers will remember for years.

    We offer indoor signs for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re in an office environment, retail, or manufacturing. With our experience and design chops, we can help you select the right sign for your environment and make the most of your design to truly draw in the audience you need, whether it’s customers, clients, guests, or your staff. Learn more about our indoor sign offerings.

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    Outdoor Signs

    Make a good impression right away. Your company’s outdoor signs should be distinctive and memorable because they frequently serve as potential customers’ first impressions of your business. The exterior graphics of your business also serve as an ongoing form of advertising that generates countless impressions and a steady return on investment.

    If you’re searching for a "signage company near me" or a "sign shop in Chicago", you’ve found it at Igna Signs & Graphics. Trust us for any of your outdoor signs, whether lit or non-lit. We can offer outdoor signs in a wide range of materials, from metal for pole signs to acrylic for dimensional lettering. Not sure which material you want? Reach out to us to discuss your options.

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    Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps are mounted on a variety of company vehicles, including trucks, trailers, fleets, and cars. These signs are made of vinyl that resists the elements. They are great at turning ordinary cars into moving billboards. Every day, they effortlessly create hundreds of impressions, which helps you connect with more potential customers and stay top-of-mind.

    We offer custom wraps for your vehicles in Chicago. Don’t forget that we also perform vehicle wrap and other sign installation. Whether you want to get your graphic rolled onto the vehicle without air bubbles or need to ensure that your channel letter sign is safely mounted to your building, we can help. Don’t undermine a good sign with poor installation. We can do it properly and safely.

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    Custom Signs

    Any type of sign can be made as a custom sign if your design is used rather than a pre-made template. These are specific to your company and brand, as opposed to generic, ready-to-use signs. They frequently show your company’s logo and other branding components. Custom-made signs don’t resemble other signs because they are created specifically for your requirements. As a result, it is a great way to stand out from the competition, which effectively increases the visibility of your company.

    We are a sign company in Chicago that offers premium printing services for any custom sign. Many different kinds of custom options, including post and panel and vinyl signs, need to be printed. We offer high-quality and even photo-realistic printing depending on the material and the design. Talk to us today about our printing services.

    Of all the sign shops in Chicago, choose Igna Signs & Graphics as your custom sign shop, and you won’t be disappointed. We’re dedicated to excellence and customer service, as well as great signs.

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    Interior Interactive Signs for Business by Igna Signs & Graphics

    Our Chicago Sign Design, Installation Process

    Project Management
    Project Management
    Custom Design
    Expert Fabrication
    Expert Fabrication
    Efficient Installation
    Efficient Installation
    Maintenance & Repair
    & Repair

    Our 5-Step Sign Design & Installation Process:


    Our company is about passion, integrity, caring, enrichment, and reliability. We’re open and honest in all aspects of our professional as well as personal lives, which allows us to build strong and trusting relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders. We make sure that we adhere to the highest ethical standards and procedures to make sure that we provide our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees with the kind of service they deserve.


    We care about what you do and work hard to provide you with higher-quality goods and services. We produce high-quality products by emphasizing the best practices, procedures, craftsmanship, and materials. In this way, we can offer the highest quality at the most affordable price.


    Our team loves making brands stand-out, maximizing marketing potential, and make getting signs completely hassle-free.  We make sure that appointments and meetings with our clients are set accordingly to make sure that their ideas are acknowledged in the design process. Experts will visit your place to assess the possible locations for your signs. We will also take proper measurements and check possible electrical sources if you ever want to install lights.


    When it comes to designing, we’ll make sure that all your details inputted and images or graphics submitted will be taken into consideration. We ensure that all the signage we create will fit within the budget of our clients. After the final approval of the design, we ensure that the process is efficiently being followed to meet your brand's goals, stay on our planned timeline as well as budget, and achieve the same design that was approved.


    As part of our overall service, our company ensures that all our signs are correctly installed in the best location possible. Before installation, our team ensures that all necessary site surveys, local permits, and other authorizations are obtained. In addition, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to meet your signage maintenance requirements. We’ll repair or restore your signs to their former glory for a better customer experience.

    These are the reasons why businesses in Chicago turn to us for all their signage needs. Let's talk about your signs!

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    • "If you are looking for a great sign company IGNA SIGN is the best. We just opened our first restaurant in February and they called us within 24 hours on inquiring about a sign. They have been nothing but amazing with the process of getting our sign..."
      Omar M. Omari
    • Did a great job! Got magnets and yard signs look amazing. They stick well too, the picture attached just has it in the window for better viewing while car is parked in parking lot
      Steve Jaworski
    • Lenoy and his team at Igna signs are excellent at what they do. They are creative in the solutions they present to their clients, and really can print anything from door stickers to billboards and trades show material. I would recommend anyone who needs anything printed to go visit Igna.
      Siby Jacob
    • LOVE THIS COMPANY!! See easy to work with! Great designs! In a pinch, they are the ONES!!
      Sue Bazdor
    • Our signs turned out perfectly! IGNA helped with design and service was fast and friendly!
      Tracy Stewart
    • Customer service was fantastic!
      Cole Runkel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a sign company?
    A sign company is a company that designs, produces, and installs signs. Some sign companies may offer more services than others, which is why working with a full-service signage company like Igna Signs & Graphics is always best. It means getting all your needs met in one go, instead of going to multiple companies.
    What company makes signs in Chicago?
    There may be more than one, but one that you can trust is Igna Signs & Graphics. We have the expertise and technology needed to produce high-quality signs that will change your business for the better. We offer a truly seamless experience so that our clients can focus on their business while we focus on their signage.
    What are the different types of signage available to me?
    There are so many to choose from, no matter if you need them for interior or exterior purposes. Exterior signs include monument signs, channel letters, dimensional letters, storefront signs, window graphics, and more! Indoor signs can include lobby signs, window films, wall murals, door signs, and more!
    What is the purpose of a sign?
    Signage is meant for location, wayfinding, and branding. Having signage in or around your workspace lets people know where you are, what you can offer them, how to get around your workspace, and what your values and mission statement are. All of these are extremely important when trying to make an impression on your target audience.
    How do I use signage in the workplace?
    There are plenty of ways to use signage in the workplace to make for a more positive experience. Businesses can implement ADA signage to make their space more inclusive. Consider putting up wall murals to display your company history or motivate your employees. You can also have simple but effective lobby signs, so people know when they’ve stepped into your space.
    How do I choose a signage company?
    You should choose a signage company that is ready to commit to your project and get all your needs met. Look at pricing, the services they offer, and how their customer service is! Choosing the right signage company is important to ensure that you get the quality signage that your business deserves.
    Why are signs important?
    Signs are a way to get your brand message across to your target audience, increase foot traffic and sales, and offer a pleasant experience not just for your clients but also for your employees. Signs have the ability to turn your business or organization into a landmark in your community. They allow for businesses to have a credible and trustworthy reputation.
    What do sign makers do in Chicago?
    We do it all! We first learn about all of your needs on our consultation call and then we move forward to designing, printing, and installing your sign. If you have any specific needs or requirements, let us know on our consultation call! Our sign makers in Chicago are happy to fulfill the needs of all of our clients, no matter how big or small the project is.
    How long does it take to make a sign?
    This depends on many factors such as the size, design, materials needed, and installation requirements. Some signs can take a day or two while others can take several weeks. Once you book a consultation call with us, we’ll be able to learn more about your project and give you an accurate timeline of your project.

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