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ADA Signs: 5 Important Things to Know About This Vital Indoor Signage

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ADA Restroom Signs in Chicago, IL

Signs play a very crucial role in promoting a business, and there is a specific sign that shouldn’t be missed out by any American business: ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that visually and hearing-impaired individuals and people with speech problems can easily navigate a business. Thus, ADA-compliant signs are an essential component of any business signage strategy.

Creating custom ADA signage increases not just the signs’ visibility, but also its effectiveness. They can be customized with contrasting texts, graphics, and background colors while remaining consistent with your brand’s style. At Igna Signs & Graphics, we will make sure that your ADA Chicago signs are correct to avoid penalties and possible operation permit terminations.

According to U.S. law, ADA signs must follow a strict standard of compliance. As a vital sign for your business, here are five important things you need to know about ADA signs.

1. Universal Standard of Accessible Designs

These signs have very specific details to make sure that your business is compliant with the law. The sign’s size, finish, color background, and spacing should all be considered. The reason for these standards is to make sure that people with disabilities can find what they are looking for in any public space, regardless of the location.

2. Signage Mounting Requirement

As designed by the law, these signs follow a specific height requirement for placement. They must have 80” of clear space from the floor to the bottom of the sign. For ADA braille signs, there is also a specific type of braille to be used. Grade II braille is the one required by the ADA.

3. Dual Message Signage

To make sure that your business is accessible to everyone, you must consider placing signs that have dual message signage. These are signs where visual and tactile characters make a cohesive design. Tactile characters must be in uppercase, and visual characters can either be written in capital or lowercase letters. These signs must be readable at a distance of 6 feet or less.

4. General Symbols and Pictograms

As your business grows, a lot more people will visit, and some may not be native speakers of English. Using common symbols or pictograms instead of words in describing a room, facility, or amenity will make your business more accessible and easier to navigate.

5. Mind Your Locations

If your business doesn’t have enough wall space, you can install these signs next to a door or to the nearest adjacent wall. You must take note of the mandated height and spaces between the floor and the base of your sign. As one of the regulations of ADA signs, they cannot block emergency equipment and exits.

Looking for ADA Signs Near You?

Igna Signs & Graphics is your reliable signage expert in Chicago, IL. We provide excellent customer service and high-quality signage products and services. Our team of experts will guide you from consultation to the installation of your signs, making sure that everything complies with the ADA. Call us today at 847-752-9122 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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