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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Business Signs.

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Visual communication tools are essential investments for every business facility, not only for selling your products and services but also for solidifying your brand, connecting with customers, and more. Commercial signs come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Each one has its own set of unique qualities that you can benefit from. But before purchasing any custom business signs, here are some of the things that you should first look into.

1. Define Your Branding Requirements.

Besides your official colors, fonts, and logo, you should also distinguish how you want your brand to be perceived by the public. For example, your business might be a luxurious retail store that caters to elites or a family-friendly diner inspired by American-Italian fusion cuisine. When these ideas are set, it will be easier for your local sign partner to create business signs that put your best foot forward and showcase your unique qualities.

2. Understand the Preferred Communication Styles of Your Target Audience in Elgin, Il.

Effective communication is only achieved when the recipient of the message acknowledges, understands, and responds to it. The same principle should be applied when it comes to designing, fabricating, and installing commercial business signs. For example, you own a store that sells hair accessories for girls. You can incorporate fun fonts, sparkly details, and neon colors in your signs to pique their interest and invite them to enter your establishment. You can also install interactive LED displays that feature video advertisements of other girls wearing your headbands and bows so that they can imagine themselves wearing those items as well.

3. Identify Specific Business Signs that Suit Your Needs.

Considering that each sign has its own purpose, you should seek the assistance of a dependable sign shop to help you understand which ones would work best for your specific marketing goals. Let's say you are planning to open a three-story healthcare facility that focuses on various types of pediatric medicine and procedures. Your sign partner should create visible and easy-to-understand directories and wayfinding signs so patients can get the attention and care that they need as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, numerous sign shops don’t produce customized solutions for their clients. They typically have one-size-fits-all templates or poorly strategized signage plans that don’t include the many important aspects that should be considered when making signs. They might not have the tools, skills, materials, and experience to create custom business signs as well. This is why careful screening of local sign companies is a must, so you won’t end up feeling disappointed or shortchanged.

5. The Lifespan of Your Signage Investments.

Long-term solutions are not always the best, especially for events, promotions, and other activities intended to last for only a shorter time. For example, you want commercial business signs that look festive for the holiday season. Instead of investing in large-format murals to make your space look more vibrant and inviting, you can spend your advertising budget wisely by getting fun graphic decals instead. The latter is less expensive, faster to install, and easier to remove when they are no longer needed.

Where Can I Find the Best Sign Company in Chicago?

Igna Signs & Graphics is a one-stop shop for all your commercial sign needs. Our sign-making philosophy focuses on excellence and integrity, which is why we maintain a high standard on all our signage products. We also take pride in having a team of incredibly talented professionals who always strive to go above and beyond in any project that we handle, regardless of whether it’s a simple window decal or a complete set of commercial signs. 

With us, you will feel at ease knowing that your signage investments are in the hands of experts. Book a consultation with a top-notch sign company in Chicago today.

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