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5 Ways Wayfinding Signs Help Clients Get Where They Need to Go

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Business signs are not just about promoting your brand, products, and services. It also includes tools that assist customers and employees. Directional information and cues are essential investments in every company. As the name suggests, they indicate the correct way to go from one place to another and label all the spaces in your facility.

  • Easy-to-Understand Indoor Directional Cues

Wayfinding signs speed up the purchasing process since customers will know which way to find items they want to buy. Their needs are also met faster since they already know the way to the bathroom, conference room, event venue, baggage counter, and other various locations within your building. However, the design shouldn't be too busy, and the signage has to be strategically installed for optimum visibility.

  • ADA-Compliant Wayfinding Signs to Assist Visually Impaired Individuals

The Americans with Disabilities Act has mandated specific design details for accessibility and directional signs. Some include using non-glaring materials, basic fonts, contrasting colors, and braille for permanent spaces. Installing these tools will promote your Elgin establishment's inclusivity, safety, and orderliness.

  • Outdoor Wayfinding Signs that Lead to Your Facility

A fantastic way to increase foot traffic is by installing directional information to guide motorists to your establishment. Some examples are "This Way to the Hilton Hotel" and "200 Miles to McDonald's". These marketing and communication tools give you more opportunities to convert leads and remind patrons of your business.

  • Custom Wayfinding Signs for Emergencies

These life-saving tools are must-haves for your Elgin facility. We recommend using LED or other materials that can be seen even during low-light situations. This way, people will know how to get out of the building quickly during dangerous situations.

  • Detailed Directories of Your Establishment in Elgin, IL

From malls and hotels to corporate buildings and hospitals, having visible and easy-to-understand directional signs ensures that employees are productive and spend less time getting lost. In the same way, clients are less likely to get frustrated since they get to their desired location quicker.

Your Trusted Source for Custom Wayfinding Signs in Elgin, IL

Igna Signs & Graphics is not your ordinary sign shop. We take pride in having a team of talented and passionate sign-makers who go out of their way to give you effective and practical visual marketing solutions. By utilizing top-grade materials and equipment, you can expect to have high-quality, full-color, and hardwearing directional signs.

Whether you need ADA-compliant wayfinding signs or simple arrows, you can count on us to meet or even exceed your expectations. Claim your free consultation today!

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