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Channel Letters: 5 Important Things to Know About this Outdoor Signage

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Are you having difficulty choosing the type of outdoor signage you want to use for your business in Chicago? Are you worried about your signage not being big or eye-catching enough?

Channel sign letters, otherwise known as dimensional letters, are your perfect sign solution! Every building that wants to attract attention and stand out from the rest needs a sign that will make a statement. Proudly introduce your business to the community with 3D letter signs.

Igna Signs and Graphics understands the importance that outdoor signs hold as the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. Our team can help your storefront signs add immense value to your Chicago business by boosting its brand.

This blog will outline five important things every business owner should know about channel letters.

  1. To Illuminate or Not to Illuminate?

There is the option of using LED lights to illuminate your storefront sign or not. This decision is largely based on how long your business remains open each day. If your business is mainly open during the evening, an illuminated outdoor sign would assist customers in finding your store. If your business closes before the sun sets, illumination may not be as beneficial as you think.

  1. Customize Using Your Imagination

The customization available for 3D letter signs is vast, so let your imagination run wild. We specialize in producing signage that embodies your business’s brand, while simultaneously attracting customers’ attention. This type of signage is perfect for being creative and standing out from your competitors.

  1. Weather is No Match for Them

Understanding the durability of an outdoor sign is essential before investing in it, especially when you’re located in a region that experiences all kinds of weather. Channel letter signs are made with durable materials, such as aluminum, metal, acrylic, and others as needed. Don’t fret about the lifespan of your signage, as we make sure the right materials are being used.

  1. Give Life to Your Business

Buildings can be very dull, especially if they are made of concrete or stone. Breathe life into your business with this type of signage, as it adds a professional and sophisticated look. By adding a colorful or branded outdoor sign, customers will be compelled to look at your building, which attracts future business interest.

  1. Bring It Indoors

While 3D letter signs are traditionally used for outdoor purposes, there is nothing stopping us from bringing them indoors. Make a signage decision that will make you stand out from your competitors. Elevate your business by adding depth to your workspace and inspire creativity from the inside out.

Working With Igna Signs and Graphics for Your Channel Letter Signs

No matter the business you have, it is important to find the right signs for your brand. Our experience is that storefront letter signs make all the difference. As a full-service sign company in Chicago, we are equipped to design, create, and install high-quality channel letter signs that accomplish your business needs. Discuss channel letter signs with us today online or by calling us at +1 847-752-9122.

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