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You’ll find custom signs everywhere, including mounted to the outside of retail locations, in the lobby of offices, stuck into lawns on every for sale home, and much more. Custom-made signs are one of the most important tools a business has to accomplish its goals, whether that is increasing foot traffic, promoting sales, or just getting your brand name out there. Find the perfect custom-made signs in Chicago for your needs with us at Igna Signs & Graphics.

Quality Custom Signage Solutions for Chicago Businesses

Custom signs are signs where you control and choose every single aspect of the sign. This includes the type of sign, its size, materials, and all aspects of its design. You may have your choice of lighting or include no lighting at all with your sign. You should also have a say in every aspect of the design, including the font, layout, graphics, and more. Of course, few businesses have people on hand with the design skills to handle all of their signage needs. That’s where the professionals at Igna Signs & Graphics step in. We have the design chops and expertise to design a sign that will perfectly reflect your brand and help you get your message to the right people across Chicago.

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    The Benefits of Investing in Custom-Made Signs

    There are seemingly endless ways to use personalized signs. Here are just some of them:

    • Brand the exterior of your building.
    • Announce whether you are open and display your hours.
    • Promote new sales, events, workshops, and tournaments.
    • Direct customers to your building’s entrances or exits.
    • Help people find their way through your office building.
    • Enhance your ability to make a branded impression.
    • Be seen by potential customers at night.
    • Meet legal obligations for accessibility.
    • Create the right atmosphere for your business.
    • Show off your menu or offerings to those walking by.

    What do you need your custom sign to accomplish in Chicago? Even if your need isn’t listed here, our expert team can help. Choosing the right kind of sign for your purpose goes a long way in making sure that your sign does its job and is a real asset to the company.

    Different Types of Custom Signs You Can Have Designed

    You’ll find a wide variety of personalized signs near Chicago. We offer custom interior and exterior signs. We offer personalized signs that are lit and have non-lit options too. Some kinds of custom signs include:

    • ADA signs
    • Banners and flags
    • Channel letters
    • Dimensional letters
    • Lobby signs
    • Monument signs
    • Office signs
    • Pylon signs
    • Real estate signs
    • Sidewalk signs
    • Trade show signs
    • Wall graphics
    • Window graphics

    How to Pick the Right Materials for Your Custom Signs

    When creating custom signs, choosing suitable materials is essential to ensure that your signs are durable, visually appealing, and effective at conveying your message. Here are some key factors to consider when picking suitable materials for your custom signs:

    • ADA Signs: ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs are designed to meet specific accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities.
      The sign's needed elements must be constructed of "eggshell, matte, or other non-glare" materials. This does not preclude the use of reflecting materials to make the sign more appealing, but the ADA component of the signage must be made of non-reflective material.
    • Channel Letters: These are composed of four major components: the return, the face, the backing, and the lighting element. The return, also known as the side of the channel letter, is often made of sheet metal, with aluminum being the best and most popular material. The face, or front, of channel letters, is typically acrylic, but if it is halo-lit, the beginning may be aluminum or something else. The exact requirements apply to the back of the channel letter.Since LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are far more energy-efficient, they have replaced neon tubing in newer designs.
    • Dimensional Letters: Dimensional letters can be constructed from various materials, including steel, copper, bronze, acrylic, foam, or plastic. The goal is to match the proper texture and durability to the building's design.They can be backlit with a textured surface or front lit with a smooth surface.
    • Lobby Signs: An eye-catching sign in the lobby of any business demonstrates to your clients and customers that you value their company. High-grade materials like brass, bronze, and stainless steel show your company's appreciation for quality.Different materials, such as stained wood, colorful backdrops, and acrylic, can signify that you are fun, trendy, or environmentally conscious.
    • Monument Signs: Most conventional monument signs are made of durable materials like concrete, stucco, aluminum, glass, stone, steel, sandblasted wood, and brick.These are frequently lighted with LED lights, making this signage challenging to miss.
    • Office Signs: Interior materials such as wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum, glass, and foam are all excellent choices for office signs. If you think about it, almost anything could be used if you have the space and the money.You can even take plants and incorporate those into your sign backdrops. A 'green' or 'living' wall is a plant-filled wall that supports company logos or other information. It contrasts the signage in an exciting way with the various shades and textures of green.
    • Pylon Signs: Depending on the design, pylon signs are made from polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminum, steel, or flex-faced backlit materials, vinyl graphics, and mixed materials.They are stunning pieces that are great at catching people’s attention and turning those impressions into sales.
    • Real Estate Signs: Coroplast and aluminum are the two most commonly used materials for this type of signage. Coroplast is a type of corrugated plastic, while aluminum is a lightweight metal, but both are weather resistant and stand strong! There are a few other options available depending on your budget such as masonite, polyethylene plastic, PVC plastic, and synthetic waterproof board.
    • Sidewalk Signs: Metal and plastic A-Frame sign stands are the two most common types. Plastic A-Frames are the most frequent type of portable signage! These frames, sometimes called Signicades, are lightweight and incorporate molded handles for convenient transport.
    • Trade Show Signs: After you've decided on a booth design, it's time to start gathering items for your trade show display! Fabrication and production employ various materials, including aluminum, steel, metal, paint, wood, laminate, acrylic, lighting, and fabrics.
    • Wall Graphics: Wall signs are made of high-quality PVC or vinyl resistant to color fading, scratches, tears, and other minor damages. Compared to traditional paint, which requires multiple layers and several hours, vinyl wall graphics need half the installation time and effort. As a result, you can effortlessly adjust your area based on your brand, season, or occasion.
    • Window Graphics: Window graphics can be printed or cut. Cut representations can be made by cutting designs or shapes from solid-colored adhesive vinyl or by printing in full color onto a window film.

    They are a great way to not only add some visual appeal to your space, but also privacy.

    What’s the Cost of Custom Signs in Chicago?

    When you’re searching for “custom signs near me,” your second question is probably something about the cost. Specialty signs can range considerably in price, but that is actually good news. There is something in everyone’s budget range. Let us know what you’re looking to spend and what your goals are, and we can help you choose a sign that will be affordable for you and will still look great and send the message that you need to send. If you’re set on a specific kind of custom sign, we can help you make it affordable too.

    Your Go-To Custom Sign Makers in Chicago

    Ready to explore the world of custom signs and make your business stand out? We’re Chicago's trusted custom sign shop. Run your questions about your custom sign options by our expert team. We love to help businesses get the persuasive and cost-effective signs that they need to meet their goals. Contact us today.


    Custom Signs FAQs

    What are commercial custom signs?

    Commercial custom signs are signs that are specifically designed and customized for businesses to promote their brand, products, and services. This can include any type of interior or exterior sign, as all signage can be customized to fit the specific needs and messaging of a business.

    What are custom signs made of?

    Custom signs can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, and glass. The material that is used will ultimately depend on the needs of the business and the location of the sign. We take many factors into consideration when recommending materials.

    Are custom signs waterproof?

    Custom signs can be made waterproof or weather-resistant by using appropriate materials and production processes. If you’re concerned about water damage, book a consultation call with us so we can learn more about how we can help you. Our job is to ensure that your signage stands the test of time.

    Where can you install custom signs?

    Custom signs can be installed in various locations including storefronts, indoor and outdoor walls, poles, and freestanding structures. Once we learn more about your project, we’ll be able to let you know about the installation requirements that will be needed for your particular signage project.

    What is the average cost to make custom signs in Chicago?

    The cost of making custom signs in Chicago can vary widely depending on various factors such as size, complexity, materials used, and production process involved. The best way to know more about the cost is by booking a consultation call with us so we can gather all the information we need about your signage project.

    What are the different types of custom signage?

    Any type of signage can be customized from lobby signs to monument signs to vehicle wraps. However, the term custom signage normally refers to digital signage, LED/neon signs, electronic message centers, tradeshow displays, and real estate signs.

    Are custom signs durable?

    Custom signs can be durable if made from high-quality materials and produced using the proper methods. Regular maintenance can also help prolong their lifespan. Depending on the type of sign needed, different materials will be recommended and used.

    What does custom signage do for a business?

    Custom signage can help businesses increase their visibility, attract customers, and create a strong brand identity. It can also convey important information about products, services, and promotions, and help businesses stand out from their competitors.

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