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Custom Cut Plexiglass Signs

Searching for acrylic signs in Chicago? Let's learn about a few traditional signs used before acrylic signs. For decades, traditional glass signs have been a staple in many establishments because of their elegant and timeless charm. However, glass signs are heavy and prone to scratches and cracks, which results in business owners spending additional money on replacement services.

However, in more recent years, plexiglass signs have gained popularity in Chicago due to their visual similarities to glass. These business signs are fabricated from shatter-resistant and lightweight polymer that can be used both indoors and outdoors. In other words, they are easy to maintain, less expensive, and overall, a better option than glass signage.

If you are looking for an acrylic sign maker in Chicago that you can trust, reach out to Igna Signs & Graphics.

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    Types of Custom Plexiglass Sign Options In Chicago:

    • Standard Surface Acrylic Sign Printing in Chicago: During this type of printing, we use the front side of the acrylic sign to print your design onto, which creates a matte finish. We typically recommend this if you are planning to install your custom signage indoors in Chicago.
    • Subsurface or Second Surface Acrylic Printing:If you want your acrylic wall signs to stand out, we highly recommend subsurface printing. We use the back portion of the acrylic to print your design onto, which creates a unique three-dimensional effect. Unlike standard surface printing, this type of printing produces a glossy finish.
    • Contour-Cut Custom Plexiglass Signs Chicago:While most custom acrylic signs “near me” have standard rectangular or oval shapes, these pieces of acrylic are trimmed down according to the curves of your design.
    • Chicago Frosted Plexiglass Signs:When installed at your storefront, frosted signs can diffuse harsh lights, reduce glare, and improve privacy in your Chicago facility. You get to reap all the advantages of frosted glass without paying the price for it. Frosted acrylic signs are also fantastic for indoor use in serious or formal environments, such as corporate offices and law firms.

    Benefits of Using Acrylic Signage for Business

    • Chicago Directories and wayfinding cues:We recommend wayfinding signs to be on every floor of your building so that employees and guests will know what rooms or important areas can be found nearby. They can also provide accessibility information, such as arrows that lead to elevators and exits.
    • Room identification:From conference rooms to all-gender restrooms, acrylic office signs are excellent visual communication tools to label these spaces. You can also indicate the employee's name and their position in the company for private office rooms in Chicago.
    • Lobby signage:If you want to create a positive and lasting impression on your customers from the moment they step into your establishment, you need to invest in the best Lobby signs in Chicago. These will help demonstrate your competitive edge and unique brand personality.
    • Brand-related information: A fantastic way to beautifully showcase your brand’s slogan, history, mission, awards, and other details is by using professionally made and installed clear acrylic signage in Chicago. We will install them in strategic spots in your facility for maximum impact and daily impressions.

    Free Acrylic Sign Printing Consultation Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics is your go-to source of high-quality and expertly strategized visual marketing solutions in Chicago. We take pride in having a team of seasoned specialists who are 100% committed to providing excellence in everything we do, regardless of the size or complexity of the signage project. From custom plexiglass signs that look colorful and contemporary to simple frosted wall signs, we can do them all!

    The cost of acrylic signs in Chicago can vary from the size, printing style, design, installation type, and illumination. If you want to get a free quote, get in touch with us today!

    Acrylic Signs FAQs

    What is an acrylic sign?

    Acrylic signs are marketing tools that can be used in indoor or outdoor settings. We can laser print your designs directly on the panels or cut and shape the acrylic to create dimensional letters. Many entrepreneurs invest in them because of their surprising durability, visual impact, and customization options.

    Why is acrylic used in signs?

    Acrylic signs mimic the clarity and elegance of traditional glass signage. These signs are perfect alternatives to the latter because they are low cost, low maintenance, extremely durable, and easy to work with. On top of that, acrylic is a fantastic long-term signage investment, allowing you to maximize your marketing budget.

    Are acrylic signs durable?

    Yes, high-quality acrylic signs are shock-resistant, fade-resistant, and weather-resistant. Although most business owners use them indoors, these signs are resilient enough to withstand the outside elements. In fact, they are specially built to last for many years, so you can continuously use them with little to no maintenance.

    How long do acrylic signs last?

    When installed outdoors, acrylic signs last for up to five years. For indoor acrylic signs, you can use them for over ten years with few issues or maintenance requirements. What’s important is that you work with a reliable sign shop that uses top-grade materials and equipment when designing, fabricating, and installing these signs.

    Are acrylic signs waterproof?

    Yes, commercial acrylic signs are extremely water-resistant, so you can confidently use them outdoors. This is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurs love acrylic signs. They are also corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, chemical resistant, and UV resistant. Talk to us today to learn more about these fantastic signage investments.

    Can acrylic signs be used outdoors?

    Yes, acrylic signs are perfect for outdoor use as well. We use premium-grade acrylic that is incredibly resistant to outside elements, such as heavy rain, intense sunlight, extreme cold, humidity, and pollution. Your signs will not easily budge, even during strong winds, thanks to our meticulous and highly skilled installers.

    Does acrylic turn yellow?

    Igna Signs & Graphics only uses top-grade acrylic sheets. They are surprisingly resilient to different types of damage amidst being lightweight and effortless to install. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about any yellow discoloration up until the ten-year mark. Reach out to us today to learn more.

    How much does an acrylic sign cost in Chicago?

    The cost of acrylic signs varies on certain factors. It includes the size, shape, printing style, intricacy of design, special labor requirements, installation type, and more. If you have a specific type of acrylic sign in mind, we highly recommend that you book a consultation with us to get a free quote.

    How thick should acrylic signs be?

    What type of message will these signs indicate, and where do you plan to install them? The purpose of your commercial acrylic signs is often the basis for their thickness. Acrylic signs commonly range from 1/16 inch to as much as one inch or more. Get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists today to learn which suits your needs best.

    Are acrylic signs plastic?

    Business acrylic signs are fabricated from a colorless and durable polymer material and molded into plastic sheets. They are often compared to glass but are considered to be better than the latter. With this ultra-durable and versatile plastic sheet, we can print full-scale colors to provide a clean, sophisticated look to your space.

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