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Chicago coroplast signs are fabricated from incredibly tough corrugated plastic materials that are lightweight, waterproof, heat-proof, and resistant to insect damage. They are budget-friendly and eye-catching signage solutions for businesses that want to communicate with leads and patrons effectively. We also recommend them for entrepreneurs who are looking for better alternatives to PVC.

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    Uses of Coroplast Signs for You Chicago-based Business

    • Temporary, promotional, and special event signage: Coroplast lawn signs are excellent visual communication tools to advertise ongoing and upcoming company events and activities. We specially craft them to last within the time frame that you need them for. These signs can bring in more traffic and attention to your event, which will ultimately lead to more profit.
    • Directional and informational signs: Full-color and professionally made coroplast signs “near me” can also be used to help to exist and potential customers navigate to and around your facility. From directories and wayfinding cues to business rules and safety reminders, these signs are perfect for them all.
    • Menu boards: Whether you’re running a Chicago-based spa, restaurant, car repair shop, and everything in between, investing in high-quality menu coroplast signs in Chicago will help you sell your products and services to your customers. Besides a brief list of what customers can purchase, you can also showcase a short description and high-resolution video of each product or service.
    • Indoor point-of-purchase signs: While most types of coroplast signs are installed outside for short-term use, they are also perfect for communicating with customers indoors. When you strategically install them as POP signage solutions, you are actively helping your business generate more profit.
    • Tradeshows: Does your business attend a lot of tradeshows and corporate events in Chicago or surrounding areas? Coroplast letters and signs are great for showcasing who you are, what products or services you can offer, and what makes your business different from others.
    • Real estate: Whether you are a brokerage or an agent, investing in the right real estate signs will significantly contribute to your success. Coroplast yard signs in Chicago are excellent for providing information about properties for sale, rent, or lease within the market. You can also display your contact information and office address to provide interested clients with an easy way to get in touch with your business.

    Coroplast Sign Printing Company in Chicago

    Not all corporate signs are made the same. You must choose a reliable sign shop with the expertise, equipment, and dedication to produce visual communication solutions that add value to your business.

    The good news is that Igna Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of top-notch and durable signs in Chicago. Our team of experts is highly skilled in designing, creating, and installing custom coroplast signs that work best for your specific needs and expectations. We implement sign-making best practices to ensure that the quality of our coroplast letters is of the highest quality. As your partner, you can expect to have a worry-free experience throughout the signage project.

    If you want to learn more about the cost of coroplast signs in Chicago, give us a call today!

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