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Trade Show Displays, Booths, & Exhibits in Chicago

Whether you are running a startup or you are an established brand that has been in the industry for many years, attending tradeshows provides plenty of opportunities for your business to grow. However, if you want to stand out in a sea of competitors and attendees, you need to invest in visual marketing tools that put your brand’s best foot forward to connect you with your customers. The good news is that Igna Signs & Graphics is here to give you expert signage solutions. 

Chicago trade show displays can also be used during many other occasions or corporate activities. You can reuse your banner stands and table runners at hiring events, product exhibits, industry conferences, guest lectures, and more. They can even be utilized at in-store activities to showcase your newest launches, projects, collaborations, and corporate social events.

Stop looking for the “best trade show displays near me” because you are in the right place. 

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    A tradeshow display is generally a booth set up to promote your business or company. It's an opportunity for your company to present its best self in a highly visible setting. A tradeshow is a good way to attract new customers or simply get current customers in excited about your brand in Chicago.

    Businesses that sell a product or service will usually have a booth where potential customers can learn about their brand and what they do. The design of the booth can vary depending on the business’s industry and budget, but every show stand has some basic components. It should have a backdrop, hanging signage, a table, and a place for people to leave contact information.

    Igna Signs and Graphics is here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our tradeshow exhibit services.

    Stunning Custom Trade Show Displays for All Your Exhibiting Goals

    Finding the proper materials is important to the success of your event. As a result, it’s best to select a sign company that can assist you in designing and producing your signs. Businesses in Chicago rely on Igna Signs and Graphics for their event materials.

    Attract Qualified Prospects With Chicago Trade Show Banners

    • Portable Tradeshow Display Banners: These portable tradeshow displays are ideal for businesses that prefer to invest in promotional tools that can be easily stored and transported from one location to another. The printed side is protected from potential creases and ink damage due to its unique closing mechanism.
    • Hanging Trade show Exhibits: These signs are great for grabbing the attention of your leads from a distance, allowing your booth to gain prime visibility from all angles at the venue.
    • Tabletop Tradeshow Displays:These are ideal for displaying important notices, reminders, contact numbers, and call-to-actions. If you want more ideas, our seasoned Chicago specialists will provide you with suggestions and design strategies during the consultation stage.
    • Custom Tradeshow Banner Stands: These are incredibly popular among entrepreneurs because of their lightweight and portable qualities. Since they are a breeze to set up and pack up, you can bring them to a multitude of events within and around Chicago.
    • Pop-Up Trade Show Displays:These trade show banners come in different shapes and sizes which is perfect for all your print advertisements. They can also be used as graphic panel backgrounds, so event attendees and potential clients can be encouraged to take pictures of your booth and share them with others online.
    • Custom Table Covers & Runners: Table covers are multi-purpose tools to showcase various brand-related elements in Chicago, such as your official logo and slogans.

    Custom Tradeshow Booth Design:

    Your trade show booth can easily go unnoticed in the crowd. It’s therefore important to display your business with a distinctive set of exhibit and trade show supplies that allows you to outshine your competitors.

    The following are some of the most important characteristics to look for in your display:

    • Portable
    • Simple to setup and pack
    • Functional
    • Attractive
    • Long-lasting and durable

    Igna Signs and Graphics provides custom tradeshow booth designs that are an essential component of your advertising campaigns in Chicago. From planning your booth’s size to the installation of your displays, we got it for you!

    How Can Trade Show Booth Benefit Your Business in Chicago

    • Create a positive first impression: Did you know that when event participants and leads perceive your brand through Trade show signs, this can set the tone for your interactions? Thus, it is crucial that you utilize the correct signage solutions that highlight your brand’s strengths and values.
    • Function as your sales representatives: Portable trade show displays indicate vital information about your brand, products, and services without having to ask someone. This is helpful for potential clients who prefer less intrusive interactions and for companies who bring a minimal amount of staff to the events.
    • Amplify visitor engagements: Trade shows are full of other businesses vying for people’s attention. Chicago trade show supplies that are vibrant, colorful, impactful, and thought-provoking help make your booth stand out from the rest. As a result, potential clients will feel encouraged to visit your booth and learn more about what you are offering.
    • Make your event participation worthwhile: Companies join trade shows and similar events to generate results, such as lead generation and conversion. With the right displays, you are also increasing your chances of achieving your marketing goals, which in turn makes the event a success.

    Complimentary Trade Show Consultation In Chicago

    Are you ready to dive into the world of custom signs and make your business stand out in Chicago? Igna Signs & Graphics produces expertly strategized and high-quality trade show booth displays for businesses in various industries. Our attention to detail, customer-centric approach, and integrity are a few qualities that make us one of the best-rated trade show display companies in Chicago, Il.

    When you choose us as your signage partner, you can expect to get visual communication solutions that complement your branding requirements and achieve your marketing goals.

    Do you want to learn more about the cost of trade show displays? Book a consultation with us today!

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