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How vinyl sign is affordable, tends to take up space other signs wouldn’t work in, can withstand the weather, and is highly customizable? It’s not a trick question. Premium quality vinyl signs in Chicago can offer you all of these amazing sign features to help your business achieve its goals. You’ll find vinyl signs and graphics in Chicago on front windows, glass walls, interior walls, floors, doors, vehicles, and maybe even a ceiling or two. If you’re looking for “vinyl printing near me,” then you should read on to see what our sign specialists have to say about these functional signs.

What is Vinyl Signage?

Vinyl signs are those business signs made of vinyl or sometimes polyester. These are thin materials that are very strong and can be treated to resist UV rays, water, and the effects of the elements at large. These signs are printed out on specialized printers, kind of like the paper ones in any office. Then they are cut out, also by a machine, and applied to the surface that you want them to be on. They need an adhesive to do so and act kind of like a very strong sticker, which is protective of the surface beneath it and typically easy to remove (even though they are tough and durable).

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    Types of Vinyl Signage

    Vinyl signage is most easily distinguished by the surface that they are applied. The different kinds of vinyl signs include:

    • Vinyl window signs: These are most often applied to the big glass windows at the front of brick-and-mortar stores. They may be simple branding efforts, or they may show off your latest promotions or give detailed information like policies and hours. Vinyl window signs are often also used inside offices with glass walls.
    • Vinyl door graphics: Instead of a traditional door sign, you can use vinyl door signs. They can be larger, more cost-effective, and full of personality you wouldn’t get elsewhere.
    • Vinyl wall graphics: These wall graphics are meant to go onto drywall, whether or not it is painted. You can get the vinyl to cover the whole wall or smaller portions of it.
    • Vinyl stickers: These are smaller signs but larger than most stickers you’ve probably seen. They’re meant to take the place of small signs.
    • Vinyl banners: There are banners made from vinyl material so that they can better withstand the elements.
    • Vinyl wraps: Vinyl wraps are meant for vehicles. The vinyl vehicle wrap can cover the entire vehicle or a portion of it.

    Uses of Vinyl Signage

    Vinyl signage is one of the most flexible options available on the market. You can use them for permanent or temporary sign needs, indoors and outdoors, and for a very low price compared to many other sign types. Essentially any purpose that another sign might fill, from branding to wayfinding to promoting sales, you can achieve with a vinyl sign too. Let us know what you want to communicate, and we’ll tell you if a vinyl sign is a good match for your needs.

    Cost of Vinyl Signs

    What do vinyl signs cost exactly? Unfortunately, it depends. There are different quality levels of vinyl signs in Chicago. Size and printing also play a part in the cost. You can get an idea of what your sign will cost by speaking with the experts at Igna Signs & Graphics.

    Vinyl Sign Shop in Chicago

    If you are searching for “vinyl signs near me” and you’re in Chicago, then you’re in the right place. Igna Signs & Graphics offers a wide variety of quality, custom vinyl sign printing. Get a free quote by contacting us today!

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