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How can vinyl signs be affordable, use space effectively that other signs wouldn’t work in, withstand difficult weather conditions, and be highly customizable? This is not a trick question. Premium quality vinyl signs in Chicago can offer you all of these amazing sign features to help your business achieve its goals.

You’ll find custom vinyl lettering and graphics in Chicago on front windows, glass walls, interior walls, floors, doors, vehicles, and maybe even a ceiling or two. If you’re looking online for “vinyl printing near me,” then you should read on to see what our sign specialists have to say about these functional signs.

Reliable Vinyl Signage Shop in Chicago

Vinyl signs are business signs made of vinyl or, sometimes, polyester. These are thin materials that are very strong and can be treated to resist UV rays, water, and the effects of the elements at large. These signs are created on specialized printers, similar to those in any office.

Then, they are cut out by a machine and applied to the surface of your choice. They need an adhesive to stick, which is also protective of the surface beneath it and typically easy to remove (even though the signs are tough and durable).

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    The Types of Custom Vinyl Decals That Can Businesses Use

    Vinyl signage is most easily distinguished by the surface that they are applied on. The different kinds of vinyl signs include the following:

    Vinyl Window Signs

    These are most often applied to the big glass windows at the front of brick-and-mortar stores. They may be simple branding efforts, or they may show off your latest promotions or give detailed information like policies and hours. Vinyl window signs in Chicago are often also used inside offices with glass walls.

    Vinyl Door Graphics

    Instead of a traditional door sign, you can use vinyl door signs. They can be larger, more cost-effective, and full of personality that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

    Vinyl Wall Lettering

    These wall graphics  meant to go onto drywall, whether or not it is painted. You can get the vinyl to cover the whole wall or smaller portions of it.

    Vinyl Stickers Custom

    These are smaller signs, but are larger than most stickers you’ve probably seen. They’re meant to take the place of small signs.

    Vinyl Banners

    These are banners made from vinyl material so that they can better withstand the harsh elements.

    Vehicle Vinyl Wraps Chicago

    Vinyl wraps are meant for vehicles. The vinyl vehicle wrap can cover the entire vehicle or a portion of it.

    Personalized Vinyl Signs and Graphics

    Since 85% of your customers, potential and regular, live within a five to six-mile radius of your business, they will see vinyl signage around 50 to 60 times per month, which can definitely attract their attention. When your sign is up, people will notice you. Client response to your message is made simple by attractive graphics with creative design. 

    When you choose Igna Signs & Graphics to design your signage in Chicago, you benefit from a straightforward procedure and a top-notch end result from our skilled print shop. 

    We collaborate with you on design so you can benefit from our expertise. Uncertain of the ideal letter size for legibility? We know exactly what you require after producing tens of thousands of exterior signs. 

    For the best quality, your banner is printed on our advanced digital press. Additionally, we complete all finishing tasks so that it is ready to install when it arrives. To get your new signage up as soon as possible, delivery and expert sign installation can be included.

    The Advantages to Printing Custom Vinyl Letters

    Vinyl signage is one of the most flexible options available on the market in Chicago. You can use them for permanent or temporary sign needs, indoors and outdoors, and for a very low price compared to many other sign types. Essentially any purpose that another sign might fill, from branding to wayfinding to promoting sales, you can achieve with a vinyl sign too. Let us know what you want to communicate in Chicago, and we’ll tell you if a vinyl sign is a good match for your needs.

    How much Does Vinyl Signs & Stickers Cost in Chicago?

    What do vinyl signs cost exactly? Unfortunately, it depends. There are different quality levels of vinyl signs in Chicago. Size and printing also play a part in the cost. You can get an idea of what your sign will cost by speaking with the experts at Igna Signs & Graphics.


    Vinyl Lettering & Graphics Installation Chicago

    Vinyl adheres best to flat surfaces like glass, plastic, painted interior walls, automobiles, and metal. Although vinyl lettering can stick to slightly textured surfaces, like an orange-peel wall, it won’t stick well to highly textured surfaces like brick or stucco. The smoother the surface, the better the seal when applying vinyl lettering.

    1. Clean the Area: Make sure the area is clean and dry before placing your vinyl lettering. This does not entail wiping the surface with the sleeve of your sweatshirt. Use the right cleaner for the job and take your time to thoroughly clean the surface. Use a surface cleaner for cleaning plastic or glass, and a solvent cleaner on surfaces like metal or other exterior ones.
      An all-purpose mild cleaner is required for painted surfaces, such as interior walls. To avoid going overboard, rinse the surface if you notice any remaining cleaning residue. Make sure to dry the surface or allow it to air dry for a sufficient period of time.
    1. Set Up Your Vinyl Lettering: Two additional sheets are inserted between the vinyl lettering and yours. The mask layer comes first in your graphic’s layer order, followed by your vinyl lettering and backing if you’re viewing it as it should be read. Hold your graphic up to your surface and measure it. Use masking tape to measure, center, and mark your location.
    1. Make a Hinge: Applying tape horizontally, with the mask side facing you, to the top of your graphic creates a hinge. The letters will still be positioned between the masking and backing, and should be readable normally. Remove any tape that you may have applied to indicate the lettering’s placement. You should be able to lift the whole graphic up using the masking tape hinge.
    1. Take Off the Backing: To reveal the adhesive on the back of your vinyl letters, you must now remove the backing layer. While maintaining the position of your hinge, carefully peel the backing from one corner. Slow down. Press your vinyl lettering firmly against the masking layer if it starts to lift. Holding the corner of the masking layer, completely remove the backing while keeping the letters off your surface until you’re ready.
    1. Place Vinyl Lettering on a Surface: Lower the mask layer and, working from the center outwards, firmly press with your squeegee at a 45-degree angle. If your surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, the adhesive on the back of the vinyl lettering should adhere to it well. Once everything is in position, use your squeegee to repeatedly go over the letters to effectively seal them.
    1. Remove the Masking Layer: Peel the hinge tape and the masking layer slowly away from the lettering. The letters should remain in place, and the masking should easily peel off. If a letter starts to lift, bring the masking back down and firmly press on it.
    1. Complete and Cure: If your surface is glass, it may be tempting to wash and wipe it right away. Let your letters sit and cure for 12 to 24 hours before cleaning; otherwise, washing and wiping too soon may cause your letters to move. You’re now finished! With these steps, applying your vinyl lettering is simple and quick. With less stress and more time for other activities, you’ll be done and on your way.

    Get Free Vinyl Sign Consultation in Chicago

    If you are searching for “vinyl signs near me” and you’re in Chicago, then you’re in the right place. Igna Signs & Graphics offers a wide variety of quality, custom vinyl sign printing. Get a free quote by contacting us today!


    What is a vinyl sign?

    This is a sign made from the most adaptable material available; vinyl. They’re easy to style, design, and cut in the shape of the image or lettering printed on them because they’re printed on large vinyl sheets.

    What vinyl is used for signs?

    There are different types of vinyl  available to be used for signs. Depending on the purpose of your sign you may choose from cast vinyl, calendared vinyl, polymeric vinyl, transparent vinyl, matt vinyl, and gloss vinyl. Contact us today and have our team of experts assist you on what’s the right vinyl to be used for your sign.

    What is vinyl lettering?

    These are individually cut characters and numbers (not printed) from premium-quality vinyl. The lettering is self-adhesive, pre-spaced, and applied alongside using an application tape layer to keep them in place.

    What vinyl is used for banners?

    Outdoor advertising is done with plastic PVC banners. PVC, a heavy-weight plastic, is the most commonly used material. The majority of banners are now digitally printed in full color on large-format printing machines. There are vinyl banners that have tiny holes in them to allow wind to pass through – mesh vinyl banners. They’re used for banners installed on high scaffoldings or on fences.

    What does a vinyl sign look like?

    Vinyl signs are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re frequently used outdoors in decent weather and under a covering to preserve the sign's visibility and longevity. A higher mesh fiber in a vinyl banner creates a smooth finished look. While laminated printing in gloss or semi-gloss produces a sleek print on a horizontal or vertical surface.

    What is the difference between decals and vinyl?

    You might believe that vinyl stickers and decals are interchangeable. That's probably because they are. The final product is most likely what differentiates between them. Simply put, a decal is what you need if you want a simple monotone design. A vinyl sticker is a way to go if you want something detailed and in a variety of colors.

    How long do vinyl signs last?

    The material, adhesive, and location of your sign all influence the durability of sign vinyl. Most sign vinyl doesn’t last long outside because of UV radiation emitted by the sun. The color of most vinyl signs is affected by UV radiation, and the sign will begin to fade after a few years.

    Is vinyl good for outdoor signs?

    Yes, they are. These signs are made with weather-resistant materials that can withstand different weather conditions. And since they’re made with this kind of material, they tend to last for a long time before the need to replace them rises. They’re easily shaped into a variety of designs depending on what your business needs.

    Are vinyl signs waterproof?

    Vinyl signs are not waterproof on their own. To make vinyl signs waterproof, we need to laminate them. A sign that has been laminated will be protected from water, oil, and sunlight. Laminate is a plastic-coated overlay that is used to protect the vinyl from the elements.

    How much does it cost to install vinyl graphics?

    A variety of factors can influence the price of vinyl signs. This includes the type, size, and materials of the sign. If you want to personalize your signs, the price may vary. Whatever your signage needs are, there’s always a sign that is within your price range. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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