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General Basic Business Banners Regulations in Chicago, IL

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For all small to medium-sized businesses, one of the challenges is coming up with efficient ways to advertise. Such businesses frequently have a small marketing budget to work with. Therefore, finding a marketing tool with a high impact but little effort is the objective. Fortunately, banner signs are sign options that accomplish this.

One of the earliest types of advertising is banner advertising. Depending on the business, these signs can be used for various things. Because they are an inexpensive and efficient way to advertise their products and services, businesses prefer them.

At Igna Signs & Graphics in Chicago, we offer high-quality banner printing. Our company will make sure that your signage will follow the local permit guidelines to prevent future difficulties. Continue reading to understand the regulations mandated by the local government about the use of banners.

Categories of Signs and Graphics

An on-premise sign (also referred to as a business identification sign) calls attention to a business, good, service, or amusement that is carried, sold, or provided on the premises where the sign is located.

An off-premise sign (also referred to as an advertising sign or billboard) draws attention to a company, good, service, or amusement that is not conducted, bought, or provided on the property where the sign is located.

When Sign Regulations Are Required (or Not)

Off-premise signs, which promote a good or service that is not provided at the address of the sign, must always have a permit. Permits are needed for on-premise signs, with the exception of those that are painted on windows or those that are entirely made of paper, film, stickers, or vinyl, and that will only be visible for a short period of time (less than 60 days) in a window.

Additionally, incidental signs (like opening and closing signs), as well as legally mandated public notices or warning signs, do not need permits. Still, business owners are advised to consult the Municipal Code before ordering or purchasing signs because not all signs are allowed under the other provisions of the code such as building, zoning, and public way provisions.

Applying for Signage Permits in Chicago, IL

The online sign application must be filled out by a licensed sign contractor, and it will be examined by the Departments of Buildings and Business Affairs and Consumer Protection to make sure the signs adhere to structural and electrical standards, as well as rules for business licensing.

Each application needs to be signed by both a registered electrical contractor and a registered sign contractor. A City Council Order is also required for signs that are intended to be larger than 100 square feet or higher than 24 feet in the air.

Is putting up a sign before getting a permit allowed?

No. Prior to the actual permit being issued, any sign indicating that one is necessary must be removed.

Is there a fee I need to pay?

Yes, there is. For an on-premise sign, the zoning review fee is $200.00. For an off-premise sign, the zoning review fee is $500.

The sign’s square footage determines how much the building department will charge for its review. The fee scales are as follows:

· $50 for 0 to 49 square feet.

· $100 for 50 to 99 square feet.

· $200 for 100 to 199 square feet.

· $500 for 200 to 499 square feet.

· Greater than 500 square feet: $1,000.

Your Trusted Signs and Banners “Near Me”

Banners, like retractable banners, serve to promote your company, product, or event. To get the desired results, you must have a well-designed custom banner that distinguishes your business from the competition by using the right styles, fonts, and graphics.

You will get superior service and products when you work with Igna Signs & Graphics. Our skilled team of sign makers can create options that are tailored to your needs. To find out more about how banners can help your company succeed, get in touch with us right away.

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