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First impressions last, especially when it comes to your lobby of business since these impressions can make or break your brand image. Your business must invest in the correct lobby signage solutions in Chicago to ensure that you are putting your company’s best foot forward.

Custom lobby signs are marketing tools found in your reception area, which typically include your company’s name and logo. These business signs make an impact on your customers by welcoming them, verifying that they have arrived at the right place, and giving them a sense of who you are as a business.

Here at Igna Signs & Graphics, we help businesses make a lasting first impression with high-quality reception signs in Chicago. Give us a call today and learn if your area is one of the areas we serve.

Manpower Group Lobby Signage for Business Space by Igna Signs & Graphics

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    Why are Corporate Lobby Signs Necessary?

    As an entrepreneur, you understand how crucial it is to earn and keep your customers' trust. Every opportunity to make an impression either builds or erodes that trust. This is why office lobby signs that reflect the quality of your business are important. Poorly made front desk reception signs in Chicago can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. To amplify your company’s trust level with your clients, it’s imperative that you invest in well-designed and expertly-made lobby signs in Chicago & nearby areas.

    For high-quality reception signs that add value to your business, choose Igna Signs & Graphics as your partner. During the consultation stage, we will discuss the cost of lobby signs and provide you with an overview of marketing strategies that we can implement for your specific needs.

    Types of Lobby Signs in Chicago

    • Illuminated signs: Front-lit and backlit lobby signs are fantastic tools to showcase the details of your trademark and boost brand reinforcement. If you want a vintage ambiance, we recommend open-faced reception signs because they look similar to neon. We commonly install these signs at hip hotels, bars, restaurants, and salons.
    • Metal lobby signs: For establishments that have more of a serious ambiance, we highly suggest that you invest in 3D lobby signs that are made from metal. Metal Lobby signs also work great for brands that have a minimalist, sleek, or edgy image. We also produce laser-printed or engraved metal panels if you prefer a sign that is less tedious to install.
    • Vinyl lobby signs: Vinyl Signs are multi-purpose and economical lobby signs are excellent tools to transform your bare walls overnight in order to make the most out of your available space. With the right designs, they also function as décor that can boost employee morale and customer experience. If you are interested in learning more about how our talented team can create signage solutions that match your interior design and unique brand personality in the Chicago city, get in touch with us today!
    • Acrylic lobby signs: These modern and vibrant 3D logo wall signs are perfect for companies that adore the clarity and elegance of glass but do not want to worry about the maintenance and replacement costs.

    Our Process for Making Lobby Signs:

    Lobby signs can help you brand your reception area, lobby, or building entrance. When done correctly, they have an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression on your clients, visitors, and employees. Depending on the nature of your business, the impact and objective may vary, but in general, businesses want to communicate a message of trust, professionalism, and creativity. To make an impact with your lobby sign, you must match your brand with the appropriate design, size, and materials. If you're looking for custom interior signs, you'll want to make sure the displays you order are within your budget and meet your requirements. Fortunately, we make it a simple sign-making process you can trust to.

    Step 1- Get a free, no-obligation quote

    When you are ready to start your sign journey, contact us and speak with our team of experts to get started. As part of our services, you will be receiving a free quotation from us after discussing what your signage concerns are.

    Step 2- Share your requirements

    To provide you with an exact budget quotation and turnaround time, you need to provide us first the following information: the size of your sign, the kind and thickness of the material to be used, the quantity of each sign type needed, preferred text color, desired paint color, vector graphics, design ideas, and possible date of installation.

    Step 3-Recieve a free proof of your lobby sign

    When we receive your desired preferences for your sign, you are now lined up on queue with our graphics team to create an initial design for your signage. Following that, our graphics team will create digital proofs of all of the signs in your order. Once they are done, we will be forwarding the designs for your approval.

    Step 4-Approve proof

    We'll send you these digital proofs via email for your review to ensure you're happy with the overall look of your new signage. We'll proceed to the production of your signs after you've approved the proofs. Our graphics team will prepare your order for production and send it to the "floor," where the production team will take over. The production team will then fabricate your signs exactly to your specifications, leaving no detail out.

    Step 5- Shipping

    Once we are done with the production and after passing quality control, your signs will be securely packaged in shipping containers and shipped to you for installation.

    Other Uses of Lobby Signs in Your Chicago Establishment

    • Indicate business rules, guidelines, safety reminders, and other important information that customers must know
    • Directories and wayfinding details
    • Showcase your company’s mission, vision, and slogan
    • Narrate your company’s history or journey to success
    • Display your awards and recognitions in the industry

    Your Go-To Supplier of Office Lobby Signs in Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics produces top-grade and heavy-duty corporate lobby signs for shops, facilities, offices, and other establishments in Chicago. By implementing a customer-centric approach in all of the signage projects we handle, you can expect that your signs will meet and exceed your expectations.

    We take pride in having a team of passionate and talented signage specialists who are strict when it comes to maintaining high standards throughout the fabrication and installation process. This ensures that your corporate signs are worth the investment in order to gain a fast return on investment.

    Are you ready to purchase the “best lobby signs near me” in Chicago and the surrounding areas? Give us a call today to get started.


    What are lobby signs?

    These are interior signs found in your reception area, typically including your company’s name and logo. These signs make an impact on your clients by welcoming them and giving them a sense of who you are.

    Are lobby signs worth it?

    Investing in quality lobby signs amplifies the trust level with your target clients. Earning and keeping the client’s trust is a very crucial stage in building your company’s brand and identity. These marketing tools will help you create the image you want to be perceived.

    What is the purpose of installing lobby signs in the workplace?

    Having high-quality reception signs adds value to your business. This is a crucial part of earning your clients’ trust. Having quality lobby signs is like grabbing every opportunity to make a good and lasting impression on your target market.

    What is the ideal size of lobby signs?

    Sign sizes depend on what type of signs you wanted to have in your space. Book a consultation with us and we will discuss the ideal size of the sign that your business specifically needs.

    What are backlit lobby signs made of?

    Backlit lobby signs are usually made of metal and acrylic lobby signs with LED lights. These signs can capture clients' attention and interest with their illuminating features.

    How much do lobby signs cost?

    Depending on the type of lobby sign you select, Igna Signs & Graphics will go through the price of lobby signs and give you an outline of the marketing techniques we may use to meet your particular requirements.

    Where can I place lobby signs?

    These signs are usually found on the reception and client's common areas. They also serve as welcoming signs to staff, clients, and visitors.

    Are lobby signs durable?

    As much as we want to say that lobby signs last for a very long time without maintenance - their lifespan may vary and depend on a lot of possible factors. To learn more about lobby signs' durability, contact us at 847-752-9122 to book a consultation.

    How Lobby signs impact your business?

    High-quality reception signs increase the value of your company. This is an essential step in gaining your customers' trust. Investing in high-quality lobby signs is like seizing every chance to leave a positive, long-lasting impression on your target audience.

    Where can I get lobby signs in Chicago?

    We make premium and durable corporate lobby signs for stores, facilities, offices, and other establishments, and we take pride in our team of skilled signage specialists. This ensures that your business signage is cost-effective so that you can get a quick return on your investment.

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