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Designing your interiors isn’t just about creating an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. It plays a crucial role in the customer’s experience with your business. A thoughtfully designed space can make people feel welcome and comfortable. Also, it’s an effective way to create a memorable impression on visitors and customers alike.

Looking to add more personality and style to your interior space? Custom wall wraps and decals are a fantastic solution. These can transform any room or area into a vibrant, interesting feature that’ll make a lasting impression on your business.

What Are Vinyl Wall Signs and Decals?

Wall signs are fabricated from high-grade PVC or vinyl that is built to resist color fading, scratches, tears, and other minor damages. Unlike traditional paint that needs several layers and many hours to complete, vinyl wall graphics only need half the time and effort to install. Thus, you can easily update your space according to your brand, season, or occasion in Chicago.

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    Types of Wall Graphics To Choose From

    • Wall Cutouts Decals: These are the most common and widely used wall decals in Chicago. We have the tools and the experience to create these cutouts to fit in with your interior or exterior design.
    • Traditional Wall Decals:We manufacture these signs using heavy-duty, long-lasting, and single-color PVC plastic.
    • Block-Cut Vinyl Wall Decals:If you are looking for one-of-a-kind and interesting signs in Chicago and nearby suburbs, we highly recommend block-cut decals. They come in a wide array of finishes and textures, such as metallic, mirror, and glittery.
    • 3-Dimensional  Vinyl Wall Decals Chicago:For entrepreneurs who aim to WOW customers and increase foot traffic, investing in 3D graphics is the way to go. We can produce captivating and unforgettable optical illusions that your clients will enjoy taking pictures with. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of wall decals and our intricate production process, please book a consultation with us.

    Materials For Any Type of Office Wall Graphics

    Many elements go into creating the right look and feel using wall graphics and decals. One of these is choosing the right materials to achieve your design goals.

    At Igna Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide variety of materials that can satisfy your specific requirements. Some examples include:

    1. Standard
    2. Matte
    3. Reflective
    4. Metallic
    5. Fabric

    Removable vinyl is perfect to use for temporary displays and applications. If you’re looking for a textured feel, vinyl fabrics are also a great choice. If you’re unsure of the right material for your specific designs and applications, feel free to give us a call!

    The Cost of Wall Graphics

    One of the things you need to consider when adding vinyl graphics to your walls is the cost involved. The cost of adding wall graphics to your space can vary depending on a variety of factors. This can include, but is not limited to:

    • The size of the project
    • The complexity of the design
    • The type of material you choose
    • Installation

    It is good to note that wall graphics can be more cost-effective than wallpaper or paint. However, always remember that choosing high-quality materials can also come at a cost. The great part about this is going for premium materials (and expert installation) ensures a seamless and polished finish. Additionally, you can expect that your signs will last longer. This’ll let you enjoy the rewards of your investment for years to come.

    Create Joyful Visual Effect in the Room or Office with Custom Wall Graphics


    Every piece of signage that you invest in will collectively play a significant role in your overall marketing strategy. You can purchase exterior decals that can help bring customers inside of your space, while your interior graphics can reassure your customers that they made the right decision by choosing your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show your target audience what your business is all about in order to get ahead of your competitors in Chicago.

    Unique Design Ideas for Wall Graphics and Decals

    Wall graphics provide endless possibilities to exercise your creative juices. Here are some ideas to explore with office branding wall decals:

    1. Nature-inspired graphics – let your walls depict serene landscapes or vibrant gardens, creating a visually captivating environment.
    2. Typography – go against the standard design to add text to your walls. Typography lets you combine different fonts and layouts to create the design you need.
    3. Interactive designs –add designs that let viewers interact with your wall graphics, like puzzles or even a QR code for your website. These designs keep visitors and customers engaged, creating an immersive experience.
    4. Custom maps – these are perfect, especially for businesses with multiple locations. It’s a great way to showcase your global reach. Aside from being a visual interest, it’ll show your brand’s reach and influence.

    Ignite your imagination and create an interesting and memorable office feature with wall graphics and decals! Talk to us about your design vision today and let’s turn them into reality.

    The Popular Uses of Wall Decals 

    • Pop of colors: Our Chicago team can create unique and extremely colorful decals that match your branding requirements. In doing so, your business establishment will look more interesting, and customers will want to take photos of your location and share them on their social platforms.
    • Creative communication: Whether you want to provide directional cues, motivational quotes, and safety reminders to your customers and employees, using decals is a fun and interactive way to get the message across.
    • Artistic storytelling: From your brand’s history to your production process, these intricate details can be illustrated and showcased through Chicago business wall graphics.
    • Touches of branding: You can display your official logo, slogan, mission statement, signature products and services, awards, and more.

    High-Performing Decals or Graphics for Walls in Offices

    Medical clinics, law firms, corporate headquarters, government offices, and other serious business environments can also make great use of premium-grade vinyl wall decals for their promotions, privacy, or branding purposes. Our Chicago team can create designs that complement your brand's professional image and industry reputation.

    With the help of our office wall graphics, you can create an environment that amplifies your employee’s morale and efficiency. By using color psychology, we can ensure that your decals and graphics will induce happy and positive feelings into your establishment.

    If you want to learn more about how we create these signs, get in touch with us today!

    Free Vinyl Wall Decal Consultation in Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of high-quality “wall decals near me”. We implement a customer-centric approach throughout the sign-making process to ensure that you get exactly what you want and need for your business. We are also home to some of the most highly skilled wall graphic installers in Chicago. Thanks to their talent and dedication, your signage investments will look seamless, impressive, and professional.

    Are you ready to transform your Chicago-based facility? Book a consultation today to learn more!

    Wall Decals FAQs

    What are wall decals?

    These are signs that are fabricated from high-grade PVC or vinyl adhesives. They are built to resist color fading, scratches, tears, and other minor damages. They can be used to display information or as a decoration.

    Are wall decals good for business?

    As it is easy to install graphics, they only need half the time to install compared with the traditional wall painting which needs several layers and hours to complete. It helps the business to save additional material and labor costs.

    Which place is best to apply wall decals?

    These decals are best applied to places that amplify your employee’s morale and efficiency and your client’s interests. Meeting rooms and staff or visitors' common areas are some of the places where wall decals can be an effective marketing strategy.

    Is it easy to replace wall decals?

    As easy as how they are installed, decals are also easy to replace and remove. These designs, compared with traditional wallpaper and wall paintings, can easily be updated according to your company’s brand, season, or holidays.

    How much do wall decals cost in Chicago?

    Our prices vary depending on the type of wall decals you wanted to apply to your office space. Whichever type you may choose, our team of experts will gladly assist you. Book a consultation with us.

    Are vinyl stickers safe for walls?

    Yes, they are safe for walls. If there is an update on the wall design, these stickers can easily be removed by using the correct tools. Whatever the case, it is still safe to ask for an expert’s advice before applying or removing a sticker.

    What is the best vinyl for wall decals?

    Choosing the kind of vinyl to use for your decal depends first on what type of wall decal you would want your office space to have. This will be our guide for choosing the best vinyl for your decals.

    How much do wall decals cost?

    Decal costs vary depending on the type of wall decal you chose for your space. We offer wall cutout decals up to 3D decals. For pricing inquiries, contact us at 847-752-9122.

    How are wall stickers made?

    The most common type of wall sticker is wall cutouts. To learn more about how our other types of decals are made, contact us at 847-752-9122 to book a consultation.

    Where can I find wall decals in Chicago?

    Igna Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of high-quality “wall decals near you”, we implement a customer-centric approach throughout our entire sign process. Our team of experts works their best to provide your signs seamless, impressive, and professional look.

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