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What is a Wall Mural?

Wall murals were traditionally hand-painted and took several days to complete. Not to mention the extra time that was needed for these pieces to completely dry down as well. When business owners started incorporating them into the décor of their establishments and using them as a way to advertise their products and services, they had to spend large amounts of money to get them done right.

Thanks to the advancements of digital printing, various types of wall murals are now produced with less effort, time, and cost. However, not all sign companies produce them in the same way. Don’t waste your marketing budget on a supplier that is unable to meet your standards.

The good news is that Igna Signs & Graphics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality exterior and interior wall murals for offices, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and many other establishments.

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    Uses of Wall Murals for Your Chicago-based Company

    • Advertise your best-selling products and services.
    • Encourage your employees with inspiring quotes and graphics in your office wall murals.
    • Make your brand more relatable and appealing to your target audience in Chicago.
    • Improve customer satisfaction by instilling positive feelings through the use of visually appealing mural designs.
    • Narrate your company’s history and success through creative visuals.
    • Provide easy-to-understand directional cues and room identification.
    • Create an ambiance that complements your branding requirements.
    • Display an impressive gallery of your business’ awards and accolades on your office wallpapers.
    • Recognize your company’s founding members and leaders.

    Impactful and Visually Captivating 3D Wallpaper in Chicago

    3D wall murals are visual communication tools that showcase stunning illusions to create unique ambiances. They are strategically designed and installed to complement your business’ surroundings in order to make customers feel as if they are being transported to different dimensions and places.

    When you invest in these decorative wall murals, you can expect to leave a positive and lasting impression on your customers, which will help you stand out against your competitors in Chicago. The more your customers snap and share pictures of your facility, your business will benefit from the increased brand awareness and reinforcement.

    For more office mural ideas, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us today.

    Where Can I Find Top-Rated Wall Mural Installers “Near Me”?

    Vinyl signs can be incredibly tricky to install, especially for murals that span from one end of the wall to another. You can order the most impressive murals, but you may not have the right tools and people to implement a correct and seamless installation.

    Luckily for you, Igna Signs & Graphics is home to some of the most sought-after wall mural installers in Chicago. Thanks to their extensive training, high-end tools, and meticulousness, your wallpaper murals are free of bubbles, ripples, scratches, and other damages.

    Your Trusted Source of Custom Wall Murals in Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of high-quality, full-color, and long-lasting business wall murals in Chicago. During the fabrication stage, we only use the best materials and equipment to maintain the quality of our signage products. With us as your signage partner, you can expect nothing but excellence in our work.

    Our Chicago murals are carefully designed to put your brand’s best foot forward, to help generate profitable responses from customers, and to ensure that you stand out from your direct and indirect competitors. With the help of our expert repair and maintenance team, your signage investments will look outstanding for many years to come.

    If you would like to learn more about the cost of wall murals in Chicago, kindly reach out to us today.

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