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Do you own a restaurant in Chicago that has many windows which allow natural light to radiate in? What if your corporate office suffers from extremely glaring sunlight during the afternoon which can make your space feel hot? How can you take advantage of the sunshine without cranking up the air-conditioning and spending more money?

At Igna Signs & Graphics, we produce premium-grade office window tints that are functional and can help compliment your interior or exterior design. If you want to maximize their usage, we can also incorporate advertisements and messaging to spark the curiosity of passersby and invite them to enter your establishment.

We are not your ordinary Chicago window tinting company. Our team takes the time to curate visual marketing tools that meet your business needs. Book a consultation today!

Full Window Films for Office Space in Chicago, IL

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    Best Uses of Window Films in Your Chicago Facility

    Storefront advertising:

    Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your storefront through colorful and vibrant window glass films. You can display your best-selling products, special discounts, signature services, and more.

    Stay top-of-mind with window tints Chicago:

    These signs are great tools to showcase to your consumers who you are as a brand and what makes you different from others. Decorative window films are perfect for helping your establishment stand out from a sea of competitors in Chicago.

    Display important business details:

    Window films are a creative tool to inform customers about your office hours, contact number, and other essential information. Reach out to one of our specialists today to learn more about how our strategic signage solutions can help your Chicago business.

    Update your storefront according to the season or occasion:

    Whether it’s to celebrate Halloween or Independence Day, window films are easy-to-install solutions that spice up the look of your shop front. This will excite patrons and grab the attention of leads. This strategy will also make your brand appear more relatable to customers.

    Create a private space for important people:

    Privacy window films are typically found in establishments that prioritize the safety and comfort of their clients. These establishments often include government offices, law firms, and dental clinics. We usually install frosted window films on your storefront or in different areas in your facility with glass doors, walls, or dividers.

    Reduce the sun’s extreme heat and glare:

    Installing frosted or tinted window films in your facility creates a more comfortable space for customers. They are especially needed for establishments where the sun shines directly into their space since there is little to no shade from surrounding buildings, trees, or structures. By minimizing the amount of sunlight that enters your establishment, you can also lessen your energy consumption.

    #1 Window Film or Window Tinting Service for Your Chicago Business

    Igna Signs & Graphics offers one of the most recommended commercial window tinting services in Chicago. By utilizing top-grade equipment and implementing sign-making best practices, you can expect to receive signage solutions that are high-quality, durable, and effective.

    As one of the top window tinting experts in Chicago, we always make sure to understand your particular branding requirements, business problems, and marketing goals before proceeding with the design and fabrication stages. With our fully customized solutions, your window films will not look out of place.

    Are you interested in the cost of window tinting in Chicago? Call us today to get a free quote.

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