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Make the Right First Impression with Lobby Signs

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Making a good first impression with your potential clients sets the tone of your future relationship with them. Introducing yourself and letting them know what you do as they walk into your space is a great way of establishing your brand’s identity. Therefore, what better way to impress them as they enter your office or shop than by installing effective lobby signs?

An attractive reception and lobby sign for your Chicago business will help you present your business with the right signage solutions. Continue reading as we explore different ways to make your lobby sign investment worth it.

Choose Your Sign and the Right Materials

Before anything else, you need to decide which type of lobby sign you want for your business. For custom signs, you need to consider the right materials to match the sign you want and to make a good impression. For a sleek and stylish look, you may choose between acrylic and metal lobby signs, or you can have a full wall mural for a more creative style.

Identify Who You Are

It’s not enough that you have a good outdoor sign to introduce your business. It also takes a matching indoor design to create an overall positive customer experience. Lobby signs are great options when you want to introduce your brand. They come in different types, so surely there is something that will suit your branding identity.

Highlight Your Brand

You need to make sure that when planning and designing indoor signs, your brand is the central idea. Placing your brand as the highlight of the entire design will set you apart from other businesses. If you can establish a sense of familiarity as early as the first visit with your customers, you are guaranteed to convert them into regulars. You may consider using backlit lobby signs for a more eye-catching sign.

Right Size and Angle

You wouldn’t want your signs to be too big or too small for your business. Making sure that they are the right size for visibility and placed in a location that is not blocked by any furniture is thus another way to create a good impression.

Tell Your Story

Everybody loves a little drama. Lobby signs can be your brand storyteller to let your customers know who you are and to help them remember you in the future. Sharing your business history, mission, vision, and goals through these signs will make your clients’ visit more memorable.

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We provide more than just lobby signs in Chicago. Our variety of quality lobby signs for different businesses helps in promoting your brand in the area. Our team of experts will make sure that your ideas will turn into something positively impactful. Contact us online today for a free quote, or call us at 847-752-9122.

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