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What message does your building send to those who walk and drive past? Don’t let your building sit unnoticed. Outdoor signage can help you stand out from the crowd in a plaza or help potential customers take a second look at a building they have become accustomed to. New exterior signage can rebuild your brand perception or work with the outdoor business signs you already have. At Igna Signs & Graphics, we offer custom outdoor signs for business in Chicago that catch attention and help establish the characteristics of your brand. Reach your ideal customers with our signs.

Types of Outdoor Signage for Business

There are many kinds of outdoor signs, and each is available in various materials and with different lighting options. Here are some types:

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    Outdoor Signage Lighting and Material Options

    Most of these signs have lighting options. Exterior lighted signs will catch more attention and be more visible when it is dark and when it is overcast. If you have a business that operates in the evening, then you likely will want a lit sign. However, non-lit signs can be just as compelling and are more affordable, even though they are not as visible.

    These signs can also be made of a wide range of materials, although not as many as indoor signs. Any outdoor sign material needs to be able to withstand the elements and still look great. Outdoor metal signs should be made of a suitable metal or treated to prevent rust and corrosion. Pole signs and monument signs must be made of supportive, tough materials. However, you can get outdoor banner signs and more made of a cost-effective vinyl that is still tough enough to hold up to the sun and rain.

    Uses for Outdoor Signs

    Outdoor signs have so many uses. Here are just a few:

    • Branding: Get your brand out there with a large outdoor sign that’s memorable and tough to miss.
    • Finding: Make sure people can find your business, even if the entrance is hidden or tucked back from the road.
    • Advertising: Promote your latest sale, remind people about your products and advertise anything you need to with these signs.
    • Communicating: What are your hours? Do you have any unique store policies? Or are there health codes in effect? Communicate the information that you need to.

    Did you have a different use in mind for your sign? We can help you choose the right type to send out your message from the wide variety of signs that we sell in Chicago and the nearby areas.

    Outdoor Signage Cost

    As you might imagine, exterior business signs range considerably in price depending on many factors. The sign type you want, the size of the sign, materials, lighting, and other factors all determine the cost. At Igna Signs & Graphics, we’re transparent with our pricing. When something doesn’t fit your budget, we’ll let you know and help you choose a sign that can. You may be surprised at the options you have to get the sign you’re dreaming of within your budget. Our goal is just to help you achieve your Chicago business goals with your sign.

    Your Go To Outdoor Signage Company in Chicago

    If you’re looking for “outdoor signs near me” and you live in Chicago, you’ve found just the sign company to help you. Igna Signs & Graphics are your trusted experts in custom outdoor signs in Chicago, and we can help you choose, design, and install the perfect sign. Reach out to us today.

    Outdoor Signs FAQs

    What are outdoor signs?

    They are essential visual marketing tools that represent your company to the public. Exterior building signs are specially built to withstand inclement weather, pollution, and other outdoor elements. They are also strategically designed to pique the attention of passersby, encourage them to enter your establishment, or even influence their future purchase decisions.

    What is the best material for outdoor signs?

    Igna Signs & Graphics uses top-grade materials for all our exterior building signs. Dibond is a fantastic solution for extreme weather and is 10x stronger than regular aluminum. Alumalite, on the other hand, features a special corrugated core that is sandwiched between two enamel aluminum for an ultra-sturdy structure. Talk to us today to learn more about the other materials we use.

    How long will outdoor signs last outside?

    It all depends on your preferences. Some signs are built for short-term use while others are fabricated to last for a long time. For example, if you want to invest in signage solutions that can last for decades, we recommend monument signs. However, if you only need to inform customers about ongoing sales promos on certain dates, we recommend using vinyl banners instead.

    What does outdoor signage do for a business?

    Investing in commercial outdoor signs can bring a whole lot of benefits to your company. With their incredible size and height, pylon signs are effective in getting ahead of surrounding competitors. Lighted channel letters are perfect for reinforcing your brand because of their colorful and unforgettable qualities. If you want to learn more about how our sign-making expertise can add value to your business, kindly book a consultation with us today.

    How long does it take to make a sign?

    The process could range from a few days to a couple of months, depending on several factors such as the sign’s design, type, and how long it takes to receive the proper permits. During the consultation, we will have an in-depth discussion on the potential duration of your preferred signage.

    Are outdoor signs durable?

    Yes, outdoor signs are built to withstand rain, snow, wind, sun, and even pollution. We use special installation techniques, foolproof fabrication processes, and top-grade materials to ensure that they can withstand the elements for an extended period. For lighted signs, we only use LED because it shines brighter and lasts longer than its counterparts so you can endlessly promote the brand regardless of the time of day or weather condition.

    What are the different types of outdoor signage available to me?

    Igna Signs & Graphics specializes in producing a wide array of exterior building signs. Awnings are multi-purpose signs that beautifully showcase your brand while functioning as a shade for your outside customers. Window graphics are colorful tools that maximize the available ad space in your storefront. A-frames are portable and lightweight signs that are perfect for displaying menus and special promos for the day. Book a consultation with us today to learn more.

    What is the cost of outdoor signage in Chicago?

    The cost ranges from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. There are several factors at play, such as the materials used, design complexity, size, special installation requirements, and lighting style. If you have a specific kind of sign in mind, kindly reach out to one of our seasoned specialists today.

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