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Monument signs are present in business establishments that want to make an impact in Chicago. Have you paid any attention to the entrances of corporate offices, academic institutions, or hotels? You will notice impressive custom monument signs that display their exact address, slogan, or directory.

Chicago monument signs are free-standing visual communication solutions that are typically fabricated from marble, brick, stone, metal, or concrete. Your monument signs must always complement your surrounding landscape and other marketing tools that are already on your premises. This creates a cohesive experience and impression of your brand. If you want to stand out from your surrounding competitors, you should choose Igna Signs & Graphics to create the best monument signs “near me”.

If you want to learn more about the cost of monument signs in Chicago, reach out to us today to get your free quote.

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    Types of Monument Signs in Chicago

    • Pylon monument signs: Large establishments in Chicago with multiple departments, buildings, or tenants use these signs to display wayfinding cues or directories. We strategically install pylon monument signs in the most important areas of your establishment, like your storefront or near the entrance of your facility, so that your sign can generate the most impressions from passersby and motorists.
    • Post and panel monument signs: We highly recommend these signs for standalone establishments, such as law firms and real estate offices. Investing in post and panel monument signs can make your company appear more established, serious, and credible. They are perfect for showcasing your business hours, address, contact number, and other essential details.
    • Electronic monument signs: These signs combine the best features of traditional and modern advertising. Some of the most common uses of monument signs include displaying videos and slideshows of your events, product launches, seasonal discounts, and more.
    • Foam monument signs: We highly recommend foam core signs for entrepreneurs who want to invest in durable yet surprisingly lightweight signage solutions. This cost-effective and innovative solution can mimic the look and style of brick and concrete. Talk to us today to learn more about our intricate production process.
    • Brick monument signs: Are you looking for a classic monument sign that will complement your building’s exterior? These extremely heavy-duty brick signs are excellent, long-term visual marketing investments for those who don’t want to waste their money on frequent repairs or replacements.

    Are Monument Signs Worth the Investment?

    Commercial monument signs are outdoor structures that are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years. Their production process requires specific kinds of materials and installation types, which can come at a higher cost. However, when you invest in these durable signs, you can expect to reap many advantages, such as making your business a landmark in Chicago, establishing a sense of permanence, and boosting your customers’ perceived trust. 

    Considering the number of daily impressions your monument sign can make within its lifetime, monument signs are indeed worth it.

    Top-Rated Monument Sign Installation Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics is a leader in providing impressive quality signage solutions for businesses and organizations in Chicago. Designing, fabricating, and installing these signs require plenty of expertise, time, commitment, and patience. Luckily for you, we are a team of talented and passionate signage specialists who strive for excellence, regardless of how simple or complex the project is. 

    We also invest in top-notch materials and equipment to maintain the color, durability, and overall quality of our products. From LED monument signs that require additional electrical work to architectural monument signs that require modern design specifications, we can do them all.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us to order your modern monument signs now!


    What are monument signs?

    Commercial monument signs are standalone visual marketing tools that are installed near your shopfront. They are perfect for established companies or brands that aim for longevity. These are fabricated from extremely hardwearing materials, such as Dibond, allowing the structure to last for many years. They are commonly installed at hospitals, schools, hotels, and resorts.

    What is the difference between pylon signs and monument signs?

    Pylon signs are extremely tall structures that are intended to grab the attention of potential customers from long distances. Monument signs are installed at eye level to pique the interest of motorists and pedestrians as they pass by your facility. Both are long-term signage solutions, but their main differences are their height and unique advantages.

    What does a monument sign look like?

    Monument signs are freestanding rectangular structures that are installed at eye level. Most of the time, they are engraved or have dimensional letters. Sometimes, we also install EMCs for dynamic displays and interactive media. If you are unsure of which signage type to invest in, be sure to book a consultation with us today to learn more.

    What does a freestanding monument sign look like?

    Freestanding monument signs are rectangular marketing tools that are permanently affixed on solid bases. They also feature ultra-hardwearing poles and braces to add more durability to the structure. Unlike other signs that are directly attached to your exterior walls, these signs are installed by your storefront or in high-traffic areas near your establishment.

    What are the types of monument signs?

    Igna Signs & Graphics specializes in a wide variety of visual marketing solutions. Brick monument signs are perfect for establishments with rustic or vintage designs. On the other hand, electronic monument signs combine the best qualities of modern and traditional advertising. We highly recommend them for those that want to showcase videos, image slideshows, and animated texts. Talk to one of our representatives today to learn more.

    Benefits of monument signs

    Monument signs help establish a sense of longevity for your brand. Since they are built to withstand inclement weather and pollution for many years, people get the impression that you are here to stand the test of time as well. Aside from reinforcing your brand, they are also perfect for indicating the names of tenants found in your facility, your address, slogan, and other important business-related information.

    What does a monument sign do at your workplace?

    There are many applications and uses of monument signs for your company. These can convert more potential customers, increase foot traffic, get ahead of competitors, and establish a sense of brand longevity. Commercial monument signs can also indicate your official address, slogan, important announcements, tenant names, and other business-related information.

    Are monument signs durable?

    Yes, we use ultra-hardwearing materials and implement foolproof fabrication and installation techniques to lengthen the life span of your monument signs. We typically make them from stone, steel, stucco, aluminum, brick, and treated wood. If you want to learn more about our process, please book a consultation with us today.

    What is the cost of making monument signs in Chicago?

    Many factors contribute to the cost of monument signs. It includes the materials used, customization, branding requirements, size, installation, and illumination. Monument signs with electronic message centers tend to cost more because of the LED screens and additional electrical work. Book a consultation with us to get a free quote.

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