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Custom pylon signs are outdoor advertising tools that tower over other structures, with an average height of 18 to 60 feet. There are many uses of pylon signs, which include showcasing multiple tenants in your Chicago-based commercial facility, drawing more attention to your brand, claiming your location, and bringing in more customers.

While most exterior commercial signs are attached directly to your building, these signs are free-standing structures that are strategically installed in areas that will generate the most traffic to your establishment. Depending on your preference and goals, you can display your advertisements on either one side or both sides of the structure.

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    Multi-Tenant Pylon Signs Available

    • Single Pylon Pole Signs: We recommend this type of sign if you want your structure to not be too tall, as well as, still be sufficient enough to support the sign attached.
    • Twin-Pole Pylon Signs in Chicago: If you want more value for your money or prefer the structure to have more height, we recommend that you invest in sturdier signs with double poles.
    • Budget-Friendly Tenant Signs: We highly recommend this option if you plan to frequently update your messaging to your customers, such as displaying ongoing promotions, tenants, product listings, best-selling services, positive reviews, event announcements, and more.
    • Lighted Pylon Sign Boxes Chicago: These signs combine the best qualities of modern and traditional advertising. You can use them to showcase impressive slideshows and videos of your products and services to excite customers in Chicago & nearby cities.
    Custom Pylon Signs Chicago, IL

    Why Invest in Illuminated Pylon Signs?

    Do you want unlimited advertising for your Chicago-based business without burning a hole in your pocket?

    Commercial pylon signs with LED lights are fantastic for generating loads of attention to your business at any time of the day, night, and even in various weather conditions in Chicago. Just imagine, you can potentially invite more potential customers from several miles away with your captivating illuminated signage investment. Thanks to LED technology, your commercial signs can now shine brighter and last longer than any other light source. In other words, you can save money while simultaneously creating more profitable opportunities.

    Importance of High-Quality Pylon Sign Installation

    Outdoor signs are exposed to pollution and inclement weather on a daily basis. This is why Igna Signs & Graphics strategically builds and installs signs to be heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting. Considering that pylon signs in Chicago are incredibly tall, they need to be securely installed by professional installers who have the right tools and years of experience to make sure that your signs won’t easily bend, break, or collapse. Without their expertise, you will be at risk of paying for signage replacements, damaged properties, and even possible injuries. 

    Gasp Pylon Signage for Business by Igna Signs & Graphics

    Free Pylon Sign Consultation in Chicago

    Are you on the hunt for the “best quality pylon signs near me”?

    Igna Signs & Graphics takes pride in producing some of the most impressive and impactful pylon signs in Chicago. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template on every piece of signage that we create. Instead, we take the time to know more about your specific business goals, existing marketing or communication problems, and target audience. It allows us to create efficient visual communication solutions that suit your business needs. 

    By utilizing sign-making best practices and premium-grade equipment, our pylon signs will always meet or even exceed your expectations. The cost of pylon signs in Chicago can vary depending on their materials, design, dimensions, and illumination type. If you want to get a free quote, give us a call today!

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