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If you want your business to expand and stay viable in Chicago, you need to take your brand visibility seriously. One way to do that is by investing in high-quality signage solutions that are eye-catching and impactful. Custom storefront signs are various visual marketing tools that help introduce and reinforce who you are as a company to the public. Other uses of storefront signs include:

  • Promoting your newest products.
  • Advertising special discounts.
  • Displaying your office hours, contact details, and so much more.

As a top Chicago sign company, Igna Signs & Graphics can help showcase your business’ unique personality with attractive and professional storefront signs. We have a catalog of services varying from charming awning signs to captivating LED retail signs. We can help you stay top of mind and gain a competitive edge within your community.

Igna Signs & Graphics can help maximize your brand’s visibility and aesthetic in Chicago, seeing as we also offer various indoor signage and vehicle graphics for retail stores, restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, and just about any other type of business.

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    Popular Types of Storefront Signs in Chicago

    Commercial awnings

     These multi-purpose storefront signs in Chicago are strategically installed over entrance doors and windows to display your brand name, logo, and slogan. What’s great about them is that they also function as a shaded area for your customers.

    Canopy storefront signs in Chicago

    They have a similar purpose to awning signs but are attached to poles instead of the building’s wall exterior. Since canopies are larger, they can cover more people, making them perfect for outdoor seating and events.

    Chicago A-frames

    We use heat and water-resistant plastic frames to boost the longevity and durability of your storefront signage. They are perfect for showcasing limited-time menu items, best-sellers, discounts, business hours, and more.

    Pavement business signs

    These signs have a similar purpose as A-frame signs, except that they don’t have triangular shapes. You can use either one or both sides of the signage to advertise your business.

    Chicago door signs

    These simple yet highly essential signs indicate your store hours, contact details, slogan, trademark, and other necessary information that your customers would be interested in.

    LED channel letters

    Do you want to invest in impactful and attention-grabbing visual communication tools? These three-dimensional illuminated signs are known to have captivating yet professional visual elements. We offer them in four styles: front-lit, backlit, combination, and open face.

    Dimensional letter storefront signage

    Unlike channel letters that are hollow from the inside to allow LED tubes to pass through them, dimensional letters are solid pieces of signage that can only be illuminated through external LED sources.

    Chicago digital displays

    These vibrant and weather-resistant lighted storefront signs are fantastic investments to allow your business’ location to stand out from a sea of competitors. They are also perfect for reducing wait times when people are queued outside of your establishment.

    These business storefront signs are installed above eye level and are perpendicular to the wall. Their unique installation style enables them to stand out, making them highly visible from all angles.

    Storefront Window Signs Chicago

    If you want to make the most out of your storefront, we highly suggest that you purchase vinyl window decals. They are versatile, colorful, and budget-friendly. You can use them to update your décor and ambiance according to the season or occasion, such as Halloween and Christmas.

    Where Can You Get the Best Storefront Signs “Near Me”?

    Igna Signs & Graphics produces some of the most impressive and impactful storefront signs in Chicago. Our signage process involves careful analysis of your existing marketing strategies, branding requirements, and communication goals to create signage solutions that generate quantifiable results for your business.

    Book a consultation with us today to get a better idea of the cost of storefront signs in Chicago.



    What are storefront signs?

    These are signs installed above the front entrance of a business. They play a crucial role in creating a good first impression and in establishing your brand’s presence. Storefront signs are customizable in that they can be designed based on your brand preference and style.

    What are the signs in front of stores called?

    They are called storefront signs or retail store signs. These can be placed above the front door, above the store window, across a permanent awning, or even at a backloading and unloading entrance.

    What is the purpose of storefront signs?

    These signs keep your company visible. According to a survey, stores are often visited for the first time based on their front signs. You can also use these signs to advertise promotions or other specials. They are also excellent ways to raise brand awareness.

    What are the types of storefront signs?

    Depending on your business, there are several options to choose from for storefront signs. You may choose from commercial awnings, A-frames, LED channel letters, storefront window signs, and more. Call us at 847-752-9122 and let our team of experts guide you in picking the best sign for your business.

    Are storefront signs durable?

    Since these signs are installed outside, we make sure that the materials being used can withstand different environmental factors. We use various metals and other materials depending on the type of storefront sign our clients require. Please contact us right away for a free consultation.

    Where can I place storefront signs?

    These can be placed above the front door, above the store window, across a permanent awning, or even at a back loading and unloading entrance. Call us at 847-752-9122 and let our team of experts guide you in deciding the best location for your sign to be installed.

    What impact do storefront signs make?

    These signs are the face of your business. They draw attention to it, act as location markers, drive lead generation, and build top-of-mind recall in the community.

    How much do storefront signs cost?

    Our storefront sign prices vary depending on factors such as sign type, materials, and size. Speak with our team of experts to determine which storefront sign is best for your company. Please contact us at 847-752-9122.

    What are the benefits of storefront signs?

    It is the first thing your potential customer notices. We all want to make an immediate and lasting impression. People may walk right past your business if you don’t have these signs in place. Having an effective storefront sign establishes your company as one that your customers can rely on.

    Where can I get storefront signs in Chicago?

    Igna Signs & Graphics creates some of Elgin’s most impressive and impactful storefront signs. To create signage solutions that generate quantifiable results for your business, we carefully analyze your existing marketing strategies, branding requirements, and communication goals.

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