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Why Acrylic Signs Are Worth Every Penny

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For business owners, there is a constant need to redesign and update their workplace to keep their business on top. Investing in signs is one of the best options to maintain an edge. Signs are highly customizable and are surprisingly durable. There are many sign types to pick from, so choosing the best one for your business can improve your brand awareness.

One of the most common types of sign is the acrylic sign. These signs are known to have a glass-like appearance and come with a lower cost, making them popular with businesses. They are highly durable, lightweight, and can be customized according to your brand’s preference. Continue reading as we identify the reasons why it’s worth investing in these signs.

Eye-Catching Displays

These signs are so versatile that they can be customized in many ways. They are usually transparent, but they can be printed with different colors and designs. You can design your custom acrylic signs based on your business color schemes and style. Acrylic lobby signs, room identification, and wayfinding signs are just a few types of signs that you can choose from.

A Sophisticated Look

Since these signs give a glass-like finish, you can have professional-looking acrylic business signs at a lower cost. Businesses like law firms, financial companies, and clinics often choose these premium signs for their doors and lobby specifically for this reason.

A Long-Lasting Sign Option

Made with durable plastic, these signs need very little maintenance, and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Installing acrylic office signs can therefore help your business save money from frequent upgrading and repair services.

An Effective Communication Tool

These signs are proven as an effective advertising tool for your business. With their catchy style, you can easily get the attention of your customers as they enter your space. Acrylic signs can be designed with important messages, business information, or even the latest sales and promotions.

Endless Customization Ideas

Acrylic signs have a wide range of customization options, including shapes, colors, texts, finishes, and much more. These possibilities give businesses full control over their designs. You have the choice to include your business name and logo, or to have a trendier look for your sign.

Your One-Stop Sign Shop in Chicago

Here at Igna Signs & Graphics, we take pride in providing solutions to all of your signage needs. We give our clients a wide array of acrylic sign options to choose from. For all your custom acrylic sign needs, our team of specialists will gladly assist you from planning until installation. Contact us online today for a free quote, or call us at 847-752-9122.

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