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5 Tips to Design Interactive Building Signs

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Chicago building signs represent who you are as a brand, what you can offer customers, and what sets you apart from others. They should support your sales team and provide practical information that your target audience is interested in. If you aim to build and foster a deeper connection with leads and patrons, we highly recommend investing in interactive signs. Below are a few things that you must keep in mind when having them designed by your signage partner.

Incorporate Pop Culture References Into Your Exterior Building Signage

An effective way to generate a positive and lasting response from the public is by using references that people can generally relate to. From popular sayings to classic movie lines, our Chicago team can include these in an innovative manner while still staying consistent with your branding requirements.

Commercial Building Signs Should Appeal to Your Target Market

Let’s say your business sells cute accessories for little girls and teens. Generally, your customers are attracted to ads with vibrant, colorful, and sparkly details. Having these at your storefront piques their interest and encourages them to enter the store. So, when drafting your building signs, our artists will make sure to identify the communication and visual preferences of your audience and integrate them into the final design.

Chicago Building Signs Must Complement Your Exterior Design

A seamless design is a crucial component of highly effective visual communication tools. Custom building signs should look like an extension of your exterior design and branding strategy. Otherwise, they can end up looking awkward or out of place.

Don’t Forget CTAs

If you want interactive building signs in Chicago, they must have call-to-action statements that are not limited to “buy now” or “call us today”. As your signage partner, we can develop creative ways to generate a response from them. For example, we can display a giant QR code which they can scan to receive a special prize, such as discounts and vouchers. We can also include your social media handles so consumers can keep in touch with you anytime.

Modern Signage Features

We recommend investing in commercial building signs that combine the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising because they tend to stand out and perform better. Visual effects are not only alluring but memorable as well. The good news is that Igna Signs & Graphics is capable of adding these critical details to your signage. From animated texts to digital displays, we can do them all.

Where Can I Purchase the Best Building Signs in Chicago, Il?

Igna Signs & Graphics specializes in creating top-notch signage solutions for various companies. As industry leaders, we are committed to helping businesses reach their fullest marketing potential through carefully designed, expertly fabricated, and meticulously installed custom building signs. 

Do you want to learn more about the intricate production process of our exterior building signage? Give us a call today!

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