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Businesses are always looking for new ways to get attention. One highly-effective strategy is car wraps in Chicago. And Igna Signs & Graphics is your top choice for high-quality wraps.

We are a full-service car wrapping shop in Chicago. We design, print, and install vinyl solutions for all your wrapping needs. Our team has years of experience creating impactful vinyl wraps. Turn your cars into the perfect marketing machine today.

Why Get Car Wraps Near You?

There are plenty of marketing strategies available in Chicago. However, few are as effective as vinyl car wraps. This digitally-printed vinyl applied to vehicles is an innovative tool for promoting your business.

Studies show that a single vehicle wrap can generate up to 70,000 impressions daily. This means tens of thousands of possibilities for you to reach your target audience. Vinyl car wraps in Chicago are a great way to get more business leads.

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    Chicago car wraps also have one of the lowest costs per impression compared to other marketing assets. It is a cost-effective option, especially since high-quality wraps can last 5-8 years with proper care. While advertising your business, it also protects your car’s original paint. Indeed, it is one of the best investments you can make!

    Auto wraps are also highly customizable. Since they are digitally printed, the design possibilities are endless. Through a variety of designs, you can turn your car into a valuable marketing tool. Wraps can be used to:

    • Add eye-catching graphics that make your vehicle stand out.
    • Showcase your business name and logo.
    • Advertise your products or services.
    • Display upcoming deals and events.

    They’re a reliable advertising solution that sets your business apart in Chicago.

    Types of Car Wrap Services

    The cost of car wraps in Chicago is determined largely by the size, type of wrap, and materials you choose. To give you an idea, here are some options to choose from:

    • Full Wrap – a vinyl solution where the wrap is applied to the entire car’s surface, completely transforming the way it looks.
    • Partial Wrap – the wrap is applied to specific areas of the vehicle, like the side panels, hood, or trunk.
    • Car Graphics – vinyl decals that let you add important details or design elements to your car. Most use this to display their brand logo or include company details like contact info and the like.
    • Perforated Car Window Decals and Films – perforated vinyl lets you cover even the car’s windows with printed designs. This type of material has a one-way feature. It blocks people from seeing inside the car while still allowing you to see outside.
    • Magnetic Car Signs in Chicago – this type of vinyl has a magnetic backside instead of adhesive. It is an excellent temporary solution.

    Boost Your Brand with Car Signs and Graphics

    Vinyl wraps make your vehicle stand out, whether you’re driving through big city streets or small-town roads in Chicago. Each time you travel is an opportunity for you to bring your brand to your target audience.

    This is the beauty of high-quality car wraps! The reach of static signs is only limited to whoever frequents your location. In contrast, vehicle wraps move with you. This means you can reach people in different places in Chicago, even those who may not have been looking for your business.

    Your Trusted Vinyl Car Wrap Experts in Chicago

    Expand your market reach with the right custom car wraps today! Let Igna Signs & Graphics deliver high-quality sign solutions for your business needs.

    Whether you need a full wrap or eye-catching car decals, we’re here to help! Ask our sign experts about vehicle wrap designs and the cost of wrapping a car by giving us a call, and we’ll give you a free quote.

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