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Are you looking for an effective promotional tool in Chicago? One challenging aspect of finding the right sign is how you can expand your customer base. Often, signs are static. This means your audience is limited to the people who frequent your Chicago location.

It is crucial to find ways to get in front of your customers to extend your market reach in Chicago and surrounding areas. But how can you get in front of customers who are in different places?

Vehicle wraps and graphics are a great option to explore in Chicago. These transform any type of vehicle into a moving billboard. However, they can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses. Your signs also become limited only to the vehicle to which the wraps are applied.

Luckily, there is one option that allows more flexibility when it comes to using your vehicles as a promotional tool. Instead of vehicle graphics, invest in eye-catching magnetic signs in Chicago.

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    What Is a Magnetic Sign?

    Custom Magnetic Car Signage, Chicago, IL

    Magnetic signs are similar to vehicle graphics; they are made with vinyl material, but instead of adhesive backing, these have a magnetic backside. The vinyl material is digitally printed with whatever design you need.

    These magnets are applied to your vehicle’s flat surfaces. They mimic the look of vehicle graphics. However, they are removable and can be switched from one vehicle to another.

    Custom car magnets are typically placed on the vehicle’s side panels. It is a great way to catch the attention of drivers, commuters, or pedestrians on the road. Much like vehicle graphics, they easily generate a good amount of attention in Chicago.

    If you are considering magnetic vehicle signs in Chicago, Igna Signs & Graphics can help! We work closely with Chicago business owners to create bold, striking designs that get noticed. Talk to us about your signage needs today.

    Types Of Magnetic Signs

    There are different types of vehicle magnets that can be used for different purposes in Chicago. Businesses can take advantage of this sign to fulfill a variety of marketing needs. Here are popular options that you can use for your business in Chicago:

    Whichever type you need, this is an excellent way to bring your business wherever you go. It is an effective way to turn even your personal vehicles into a mobile billboard. Use it to promote your brand during business hours. Then, conveniently remove the magnetic car signs when you’re off the clock!

    Uses for Magnetic Signs

    Are you looking for magnetic signs near you? This versatile sign solution can be used in different ways to benefit your Chicago business.

    Custom magnetic signs are one of the easiest ways to add your company name and logo to your vehicle. It is an ideal solution when you need a quick and cost-effective way to boost your brand. Driving around with your business logo brings your brand closer to your target audience.

    When you need a flexible marketing tool, business car magnets are an excellent choice. These act as a temporary sign which can be conveniently removed and changed. This feature makes it the best choice for seasonal ads, product launches, events, and other temporary promotions.

    Magnetic Car Signs Near You

    If you are looking for a way to expand your market reach, invest in magnetic signage for cars today. You can trust Igna Signs & Graphics to deliver high-quality business signs that last.

    We offer a wide variety of sign options aimed at increasing your business exposure. Our team creates signs that are not only effective but also show who you are to your target audience.

    Ask us about our product offerings and the cost of magnetic signs today. Give us a call and our Chicago team will give you a free quote.

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