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Want to promote your office space with interior signs in Chicago? Well, branding doesn’t stop when your customer or client walks through your doors. Some say this is where the most vital branding begins. Interior business signs should announce your brand and products and communicate the information that your customer or client needs to know. Interior office signs should start in the lobby so your client knows they’ve found the right spot. In retail environments, interior signs can also help promote sales and new products. Explore the types, uses, and costs of various kinds of indoor signage below.

Types of Interior Office Signs

There are many different types of interior signage, including:

These signs all need to look good, promote your message, help create the atmosphere you want for your business, and reflect your brand. It’s a tall order, but we’re up to the challenge. Igna Signs & Graphics offers a huge variety of interior options. We can outfit your commercial property with every sign you need.

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    Uses of Interior Signs

    Indoor signs in Chicago have a wide range of purposes. Whatever niche message you need to communicate, an interior sign can help. In general, they have these uses:

    • Promotions: What’s on sale? Do you have new services or new products? Signs can communicate that to your customers and help generate interest.
    • Wayfinding: Which way is the washroom? Which way is the home good department? In small and large business properties, you need indoor signs to help people find their way and feel comfortable in your space.
    • Branding: Lobby signs and other indoor signs should have branding to help your customers get as much exposure to your brand as they can. This helps you forge a connection with them.
    • Labeling: From different rooms to different products, there are many things in your property that need to be labeled, and signs are the clearest way to do that.

    Benefits of Custom Interior Signs

    Why choose a custom sign? Your brand and your message are unique. A custom interior sign is really the best option to ensure that you get the right sign to help meet your business goals, whatever those are. A custom sign should have exactly the message you need, and every element of the sign, from its shape to its material, should work together to attract your ideal customer and speak to them.

    Cost of Indoor Business Signs in Chicago

    As an interior sign maker in Chicago, we can walk you through the potential costs of your signs. Much will depend on the type of sign that you need, the material and size that you’d like it to be, and the cost of manufacturing your sign. We can work with you to help you stay within your budget and still get the right sign. Sometimes there are cheaper sign options or sign materials that you might not know about. And, where money is no object, we can create a truly stellar sign to reflect the best of your business.

    #1 Interior Sign Company in Chicago

    If you’re searching for “indoor signs near me” in Chicago, Igna Signs & Graphics is delighted to be your sign company. We’re standing by to help you create the interior signs that you need to attract your customers and help them develop a strong bond with your brand. Contact us today.

    Interior Signs FAQs

    What is indoor signage?

    Indoor signs are visual communication tools found inside establishments, such as vinyl directional cues and digital displays. They have many practical and promotional uses, depending on their design, type, message, and installation. While many entrepreneurs focus on outdoor signs, it’s crucial that you also invest in interior building signs that help run your business smoothly.

    What is the purpose of indoor signs?

    ADA signs are essential tools to ensure that visually impaired individuals can find their way inside your facility safely and quickly. On the other hand, Vinyl murals are beautiful signs that improve the ambiance to complement your branding requirements. Other indoor signs are intended to label rooms, welcome customers, cement your brand, and more.

    What are the types of signs available to me?

    Igna Signs & Graphics offers a wide variety of indoor signage solutions. Do you want to beautifully showcase your trademark on the wall? We provide high-quality metal and acrylic signs. Are you organizing an in-store event or sales promotion? Vinyl banners are fantastic tools to get customers excited. Do you need to reduce the amount of glaring sunlight that enters your space? We recommend getting our top-notch window films. Talk to us today to learn more about the other signs that we offer.

    What material is used to make indoor signs?

    Igna Signs & Graphics uses many kinds of materials for our indoor visual communication solutions. Acrylic is a fantastic alternative to traditional glass signs because they are more resilient, lightweight, and customizable. Vinyl is great for decals and murals in various areas of your facility. They come in several finishes, such as frosted, iridescent, matte, and glossy. Get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists today to learn more.

    How long does it take to make an indoor sign?

    Our production process varies significantly on several factors. It includes design complexity, signage type, illumination requirements, installation style, and dimensions. Not to mention the additional time needed to secure a sign permit from the local government. If you want to learn more about our intricate production process, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us today.

    How do I choose an indoor signage company?

    First, you have to look at their portfolio to learn about their previous projects and get a better glimpse of their expertise. Next, identify whether their values match yours. Third, ask about their sign-making process and if they can provide customized or localized solutions for you. Lastly, don’t forget to research real customer interviews so you can decide whether they are right for you.

    Are indoor signs durable?

    Our interior building signs are fabricated with top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that they last for a long time. We also use modern manufacturing and installation techniques to make the structure more resilient and hardwearing. For example, if you want the clarity and elegance of glass signs but don’t want to worry about cracks, we recommend getting our stunning acrylic signs instead.

    What is the cost of indoor signage in Chicago?

    Many factors contribute to the overall costs. It includes the signage type, complexity of design, installation requirements, illumination style, and size. The price can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. If you have signage in mind, get a free quote from us today!

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