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What is a Banner?

Custom banners are fabricated from top-quality vinyl that can be installed within indoor and outdoor settings. These extremely versatile tools can be rolled up, stored, and used for multiple occasions, making them incredibly cost-effective.

The good news is that you don’t have to look elsewhere for “top-grade banners near me”. Igna Signs & Graphics is your go-to custom banner maker in Chicago. We have the tools and experience to produce solutions that meet your business needs.

Uses of Banners for Your Chicago-based Company

  • Reusable and portable marketing tools for trade shows and events: Since vinyl banners and signs are lightweight, portable, and easy to install, you can bring them to various corporate events within and around Chicago. Plus, you can use these signs multiple times for various events. However, you will want to make sure to store your Chicago banners in sturdy tubes or boxes that will protect them from creases, water damage, and color fading due to sun exposure.

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    • Quick solution for visibility: Full-color and eye-catching vinyl banners can increase your brand’s visibility, intensify your brand reinforcement, pique the interest of leads, and foster customer relationships. They also have the ability to help customers easily distinguish your brand from others.
    • All-around signage in your Chicago facility: Business banners are highly versatile. These banners can facilitate various uses around your business, as well as come in different designs, types, sizes, and materials. You can utilize them to announce new products, promote special discounts, advertise events, display holiday greetings, and so much more.
    • Practical business signs with fast ROI: Advertising in Chicago can be costly. One way to save on marketing expenses is by purchasing expertly-made vinyl Banners in Chicago. These signs cost less than other traditional advertising methods and take half the time to produce and install. Best of all, these signs practically pay for themselves with the number of daily impressions they generate.

    Types of Banners

    • Hanging or suspended banners: If your goal is to grab the attention of potential customers from a distance, we highly recommend these signs. You can often find these signs in retail stores to help promote discounts to encourage customers to keep shopping.
    • Framed banners: These weather-resistant banners are perfect for entrepreneurs who prefer to invest in long-term visual communication tools that won’t cost them most of their marketing budget.
    • Feather banners in Chicago: These ingeniously designed banners are made with thousands of micro-holes that allow wind to pass through them. Draw in your customer’s attention with movement from your feathered banners swaying in the wind.
    • Pole personalized banners: We typically install these signs on sidewalks and traffic islands to get the attention of pedestrians and motorists. Many academic institutions utilize them to promote campus activities and to boost school spirit.
    • Retractable banners: Storage is not a problem when you purchase our collapsible banners. Thanks to their special closing mechanisms, your banners are protected from creases, scratches, ink transfers, and other forms of damage.
    • Step and repeat banners: You can use these banners as backdrops for conferences, concerts, and tradeshows. If you are interested in learning more about our large banner printing process, get in touch with one of our consultants today.

    Reliable Banner Printing Shop in Chicago

    Igna Signs & Graphics takes pride in producing high-quality and long-lasting signage solutions for businesses and organizations in Chicago. Thanks to our talented and passionate team of experts, your personalized banners will put your brand’s best foot forward, efficiently communicate with your target audience, and yield a fast return on investment.

    Within our banner printing process, we use state-of-the-art machinery and sign-making best practices. This allows us to produce high-quality products, regardless of the design’s complexity.

    Do you want to learn more about the cost of banners? Call us today to get a free quote.

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