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Be Seen, Be Remembered: The Art of Branding Signs

In Chicago alone, there are close to a hundred thousand different businesses that exist. This amount of competition makes establishing a strong corporate brand crucial for success.

An effective way to reinforce your company’s brand identity is through signage. Signs aren’t just powerful marketing tools. They also help build a professional and cohesive atmosphere both inside and outside your space.

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    Corporate Signs for Your Indoor Space

    Indoor signs are essential for creating the right atmosphere and building a positive customer experience. They also offer a unique opportunity to boost awareness for your brand. There are plenty of indoor sign options that are necessary for Chicago businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:                  

    The lobby area is often every customer and visitor’s first point of contact with your business. Having a well-designed sign in your lobby is perfect for making a lasting impression. These signs can include your business name and logo. They can also feature branding elements that showcase your corporate identity.

    • Floor Graphics

    Aside from your walls, an establishment’s floor area offers a unique branding opportunity. Durable, slip-resistant floor signs can display your logo, promote products, and more.

    Wall graphics and murals transform any blank wall into an eye-catching visual display. They can be used in different ways. These signs can showcase your company’s history, feature products, and boost your brand.

    • Elevator Wraps

    Elevators may be the last thing you think about when it comes to corporate branding. However, these offer excellent spaces for promoting your brand. Effectively communicate your brand’s personality with striking visuals, key messages, and the like.

    Make a statement even before customers walk into your space. With door decals, you can display the company name and logo along with other branding elements. They create a professional and inviting image for your business.


    Corporate Signs for Your Outdoor Space

    Outdoor signs are typically the first thing customers see of your business. As such, they are necessary when building your corporate branding. Here are three examples of exterior signs that help establish your corporate brand identity.

    Building signs are necessary for building your corporate branding. They are important landmarks, making it easier to locate your business while reinforcing your brand.

    • Vinyl Signs

    The versatility of vinyl signs makes them perfect for any corporate branding strategy. These signs can be used on different surfaces, like walls, windows, and even vehicles. Vinyl signs are highly customizable, letting you promote your brand in a myriad of ways.

    Vehicle and fleet wrapping transform vehicles into mobile billboards. This lets you cover vehicle surfaces with eye-catching custom graphics. These signs are ideal for not only promoting your brand but extending your brand’s reach in Chicago.

    Leave Your Mark: Captivating Corporate Branding Signs for Growth

    Are you ready to take your corporate branding to the next level? Let Igna Signs & Graphics deliver high-quality corporate branding signs that make your business stand out.

    We are a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs a wide selection of corporate signs for your business. We deliver positive results whilst offering excellent customer service.

    Contact us today for your corporate branding needs and we’ll give you a free quote.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are corporate branding signs and why are they important?

    Corporate branding signs are different types of signs designed to reflect your company's brand. These include indoor and outdoor signs that display your company's name, logo, and other branding details. These signs are crucial for you to create a strong brand presence and help you build brand recognition and recall.

    How can corporate branding signs help enhance our company's identity?

    Corporate branding signs help enhance your business’s identity by highlighting elements that make your brand more recognizable for customers. Your chosen theme, colors, fonts, and styles all say something about your brand. Seeing these elements helps not only introduce your brand but also make your brand memorable to your customers.

    What types of corporate branding signs do you offer?

    At Igna Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide selection of corporate branding signs for both your indoor and outdoor space. For outdoor signs, popular options include channel letters and dimensional signs while indoor signs include lobby signs and wayfinding signage. Each option can be customized according to your specific brand.

    Can you customize corporate branding signs to match our brand colors and logo?

    Definitely! Our team can tailor your signs to match your specific branding needs. Regardless of sign type, we can design them to incorporate various branding elements that you desire - whether it's your company logo, colors, or font style. This ensures your signage will fulfill your branding goals.

    Are corporate signs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

    Yes, corporate signs can be used for both your indoor and outdoor space. They are great to add outdoors to help establish your brand's presence and attract customers to your business. Indoor corporate signs, however, help reinforce your brand. This builds better brand recognition, leaving a lasting impression on your business.

    How do corporate branding signs contribute to a consistent brand image?

    Corporate branding signs contribute to a consistent brand image by providing a seamless and coherent look and feel within your space. From your outdoor to your indoor space, customers are presented with a cohesive brand experience. These signs provide an opportunity for you to build your brand at various points of contact.

    What materials are used in creating corporate branding signs?

    At Igna Signs & Graphics, we use a wide range of materials to create high-quality corporate branding signs for your business. The choice of materials largely depends on the type of sign you need. Popular materials that offer plenty of versatility in creating corporate branding signs include acrylic, vinyl, and metal.

    Can you provide examples of successful corporate branding sign projects you've done?

    At Igna Signs & Graphics, we have been honored to deliver corporate branding signs for various businesses and industries in Chicago. We have successfully installed window graphics and monument signs for Remix Market Resale Chicago, as well as lobby signs for inStep Health, Lakeshore Food Advisors, and Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions.

    Do you offer illuminated or backlit options for corporate branding signs?

    We have created illuminated and backlit corporate branding signs for various businesses in Chicago. However, our expertise lies more in creating vibrant, eye-catching signs that may not necessarily require light options. Our focus is creating durable, high-quality corporate signs that keep your brand front and center of the design whether illuminated or not.

    What is the typical turnaround time for designing and producing signs?

    Turnaround times for designing and producing signs vary widely because of several factors. This can include the type of sign, material, size, and design you choose. For instance, monument signs can take a few weeks to make while vinyl signs can only take a few days. Know more by calling us today.

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