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Beyond Branding: The Multi-Faceted Functions of Building Signs

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Signage is a necessary addition to any business’s building or facility. However, they do more than just identify the building and showcase your brand. They also perform a myriad of additional functions that benefit not just your business but also your customers. In this blog, we’ll uncover the various roles that signs for buildings are responsible for.

Outdoor Business Signs for Wayfinding

One of the key reasons to install signs on a building is for wayfinding purposes. These signs ease the process of finding a building, especially in crowded locations. This is especially true for signage that is strategically positioned to be visible. Take wayfinding to the next level by ensuring your signage is designed in an eye-catching way, so it can be spotted from a distance.

There are also signs that provide directions to pedestrians or drivers at the ground level. These wayfinding signs are crucial, especially for complex or multi-building facilities, such as hospitals and universities. This type of directional signage helps to point people in the right direction, whether it’s towards main entrances, parking areas, or specific buildings.

Building Signage for Compliance

Every business is required to adhere to various laws and regulations. One aspect of compliance is having specific signs installed around your space. This ensures that your facility is safe, secure, and accessible for everyone.

For instance, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to have ADA-compliant signs around their space. These signs are universally designed with specific elements to cater to various disabilities or impairments; examples of these elements include tactile letters, universal pictograms, and contrasting background colors.

Safety signs are also required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This type of sign solution promotes the health and safety of everyone who enters your building. Key examples include warning signs, emergency exit signs, and more.

Informational Signs for Buildings

As signs are a form of visual communication, the message that your signs convey is a key component. Some of the information that can be integrated into a building sign includes:

  • Operating Hours: Businesses traditionally display this information on their storefront signs. It helps to set customers’ expectations by communicating when they can visit your business.
  • Mission and Vision: A company’s mission or vision informs customers what goals your business has set for itself or how it operates. Having these elements displayed creates better customer engagement and motivates your employees.
  • Business Processes: Signs can also be used to inform customers about certain processes to make their visit more comfortable and informed.

Advertising with Signage

Both indoor and outdoor business signs play a crucial role in promoting not just your business but also your products and services. They display product or service features to pique customer interest and advertise latest deals, promos, and events; this can drive traffic to your business and potentially increase your sales and profit.

Get High-Quality Building Signs Today

Building signage can be a huge investment for any business. As such, it’s important to partner with the right sign company to make your investment worthwhile.

At Igna Signs & Graphics, we are committed to delivering premium sign solutions that last. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce, and install your signage needs.
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