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Branding Through Indoor Signage: Reinforcing Identity Within Commercial Spaces

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Whenever we talk about marketing strategies, branding is a concept that cannot be avoided. It is an essential part of how a business appeals to its customers. One’s brand identity is what makes a business distinct and memorable.

According to a survey, it takes an average of 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand. As such, it’s important to find ways to create those branding opportunities. An effective way to do this is through indoor business signs.

Reinforce Your Brand Identity with Indoor Signs in Chicago

While your outdoor signs may be the first thing customers see, thus introducing them to your brand, interior signs are responsible for maintaining your branding and fulfilling the expectations set by your exterior signs. Every sign solution presents an opportunity to reinforce your brand and business identity with customers. Some of the key elements to making sure you create those branding opportunities include:

  • Displaying your brand logo in key areas of your facility, including high-traffic areas like the lobby, hallways, and exits.
  • Incorporating branding elements into your indoor business sign designs. From wayfinding signs to ADA signs, these signs can be designed with your brand elements like the colors, themes, and fonts.
  • Make sure your signs are visible and readable for all your customers. Elevated signs are perfect so people can see them even from a distance. Also, keep details clear and concise for easier reading.

There are plenty of indoor signs that can be used to reinforce your brand identity. Below are our top picks.

Lobby Signs

The signs in your lobby are a great start to reinforcing your brand. Seeing your business name, logo, and other branding elements right when customers come in is not only welcoming, but it also establishes continuity. This is great for building brand recall.

ADA Signs

ADA-compliant signs may have specific design requirements. However, it is possible to incorporate branding elements into the design. These signs are a unique way of branding your business in a way that will be seen and acknowledged.

Metal Signs

These signs are another effective way to reinforce your brand. Metal signs are highly customizable and can be made into different types of indoor signage. They can be used as signs for your lobby, door signs, wayfinding signs, and more.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is one of the most versatile signage materials available. It’s perfect for branding needs as acrylic can be printed on, laser-cut, and shaped into a wide range of designs. Acrylic panels are great as lobby signs, as they can display your business name and logo in an eye-catching way. They can also be made into dimensional letters that highlight your brand.

Looking for Interior Signs in Chicago?

Build brand awareness and recognition in Chicago today with indoor sign solutions from Igna Signs & Graphics. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce, and install your signage needs.

We offer a wide selection of indoor sign options, from acrylic signs to wall murals, and more. Call us today to discuss your signage requirements and we’ll give you a free quote.

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