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Designing Monument Signs that Stand Out: Tips and Techniques

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Monument signs are an excellent choice when you’re looking to improve visibility and want to make a strong brand presence. However, designing these large, freestanding signs can pose a challenge. You want to make sure you get the right design for maximum impact.

Planning to get monument signs in Chicago? Here are some tips and techniques to make your sign stand out.

Make Visibility and Readability A Priority for Commercial Signs

As outdoor signs, they should be easily seen by people passing by. Additionally, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. As such, it’s important to make it as readable as possible. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose a size and placement that are optimal for viewing. For font sizes, a good rule of thumb is to add 1” to the height for every 10 ft distance from the sign to the reader.
  • Go for high-contrast colors and bold, legible fonts to ensure readability.
  • Invest in illuminated signs, like electronic monument signs, especially for areas with low-light conditions.

Let Modern Monument Signs Reflect Your Brand Identity

Showcasing your brand is one of the ways you can set yourself apart from other businesses. This is why it’s crucial to design your signs to reflect and reinforce your brand. You can do this by:

  • Have your business name and logo at the front and center of the design.
  • Incorporate other branding elements into your signs. This can include your brand colors, theme, and more.
  • Choose materials that reflect your brand. For instance, modern aesthetics can go for a more industrial-looking sign with metal or glass. Wood and stone, however, are perfect for more vintage themes.

Include Eye-Catching Graphics and Imagery

According to studies, the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text. For this reason, adding images and graphics to your sign can make it more memorable.

When adding imagery to your commercial signs, consider the following:

  • Use high-resolution images and graphics. You want them to be as sharp and visually appealing as possible.
  • Choose vibrant and dynamic colors for your sign to pop. Also, be mindful of your surroundings, making sure that the colors you choose don’t clash.
  • Take it to the next level with moving images and graphics. Electronic monument signs let you display multiple images and messages, gaining the interest of passersby.

High-Quality Monument Signs in Chicago

Monument signs can be a significant investment. As such, it’s important to maximize its potential to make the most out of your investment. When you need high-quality signs that are tailored to your unique brand, Igna Signs & Graphics is here to help.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs. We have designed classic, architectural, and modern monument signs for local businesses in Chicago.

Talk to us about your business goals and design needs today! Contact our team for a free consultation and get a free quote.

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